Move is one of the most stressful experiences in your life despite the quantity of the household, distance and the relocation reason. However, the decision has been taken, goods have been packed and the final day has come. The main task as of now is keeping the belongings safe and protected.

Therefore, the success of moving lies in quality of moving team services. A highly professional crew must be invited to provide relocation works. If you have found such a team and your move has been safe and comfortable, be grateful for moving team’s work. You may express your acknowledgment by providing small tips. Certainly, it is not your obligation. You’ve done a great job by evaluating and selecting a company to which you’ve entrusted your family possessions, concluded a contract and acted according to its statements.

So why to pay extra money? Let’s go further through these tips, and you will be able to answer this question.

It is also worth mentioning that sometimes tips are out of question from the very beginning.

  • The first situation is that you are tough on budget. The moving procedure is not on the cheap side, so it is natural that you hire professional movers and pay your bills. However, in case you are traveling because of your work relocation or a study, the costs of your move are tax-deductible including tips.
  • One more situation for refusing tips is that your property has been damaged, terms have been broken, the movers have not been decent or have been impolite, or have shown up late or have wasted time smoking or talking by phone. So if you are frustrated by the result in the end of the day, do not think of paying extra money.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen professional movers with a good reputation, usually there are no such situations. So try to prepare some cash, polite words of gratitude and some minutes to write your positive review about the movers’ job on the Internet after the work has been done.

Why a Moving Crew Should Be Tipped

why i tip

Consider the following reasons why to pay extra money for relocation, take your decision and act.

An industry, which moving professionals represent, consists of different components, like customer relation, logistics, services sales etc. It is always worth prizing when the work of a company is well coordinated. Movers are the part of this team. Therefore, their skills play the most important role in changing your address. You tip your hairdresser for his perfect job, or a waiter/waitress for restaurant services etc. Moving and packing workers also deliver services. Besides, your good attitude in the very beginning will surely influence the overall team mood and spirit during the relocation day. It will consequently lead to the movers’ better job performance.

However, you show not only your respect by tips.

Movers hard work appreciation may be demonstrated in the following circumstances:

1. Big Size And Extra Luggage

Big size and extra luggage. Maybe you owe multiple things of big size, uneven, irregular shape, or there are obstacles for their fitting in the truck. There may be some goods, which you have revealed in your garage last moment or previously have planned to donate or to sell but failed. Now there is no other way, then to pick them up and load in the truck.

2. Complimentary Services

Complimentary services. You may need packing, assembling or disassembling services, extra cautiousness to your glassware etc.

3. Lack of Time

Lack of time. Perhaps, you have previously planned to perform all moving activity by the middle of the day. However, a new owner of your old house asked you a favor to leave earlier.

4. Difficulties in Luggage Carrying

Difficulties in luggage carrying. Some obstacles, steep stairs, sharp corners, which need protection, may add difficulties to the movers’ job.

5. Bad Weather

Bad weather. There may be extremely hot in summer or cold in winter. It may be raining or showering. Usually a moving company contract includes all these issues, but they may arise suddenly after the job has been started. Therefore, your generosity will inspire the movers.

How Much to Tip Movers

how much pay

Tipping movers is not your duty but is unequivocally pleasant. Being hardworking and caring with your household units, attentive to your needs and polite, rendering help, movers deserve to be awarded accordingly. They will be glad to obtain any amount increasing their regular salary.

Here are some tips for quick cost calculation. Get prepared to provide movers incentive, figure out a sum in advance.

  • If you are traveling short distance, in a city, within a state, you may apply a formula of average tips for any services, which is 10%-20% of the total move amount.

However, this common rule for service industry cannot be applied for the moving the long distances, with the cost of transportation $4,000-$4,500, or higher. Your move may be worth a fortune with 20%-tip in that case.

  • We offer below possible ways to count the tips on daily and hourly base. $4-$5/person per hour is a usual rate in case the move goes immaculately. It means twenty dollars tip for 4-hour work or forty dollars for 8-hour work per one worker. Start from the amount of $20 per person for a 1⁄2-day work and $40 per person for the total day (a daily basis). In case your working day lasts more than 8 hours, your payment may be extended up to $60/person per 12-hour work.

These are approximate calculations for satisfactory work performance. You may acknowledge the job by allocating bigger sums, saying $7-$8/per person per hour. This means that the services have met your demands, the job is done perfectly.

When Movers Should Be Tipped


We’ll describe some examples for handing in the money. As there are no strict demands, rely on your impressions.

  1. Handing in the tips in the beginning. If you meet the guys and like their vigor and professional organization from the very beginning, use the first possible break in their work to present each of them with a $10 note, to say thank you words, assuring to increase this amount after they are through with the work. Do not hand in the total tip sum in the beginning, split it by parts. Alternatively you may do this even before the work starts. This method is extremely effective. Starting with incentive makes your moving team happier, increases its working mood and diligence.
  2. Handing in tips in the end. The work is done and the possessions are safe. This is time to reward a team. The tips are welcomed. Acknowledge the impeccable performance, help and tip the movers in the amount described above.
  3. What if there are 2 moving crews, one is in an old house and another is in a house of destination. Your moving company may inform you in a day or two, which moving crews will be involved in the process. Based on your evaluation of the work performance, try to award all the participants on both sides adding tips to their earned salary.
  4. Evaluate individually. Try to watch the input of everybody in the total result. Try to tip each mover by the same sum, as it is a common rule. Nevertheless, if you see that a guy is laying behind, spending his time by smoking or refreshing, do not acknowledge this slouch by the same amount, decrease it or do not hand in it at all. On the other hand, when observing a perfect job of one of the workers, do not be greedy and increase his tip significantly. Nice job should be awarded accordingly.
  5. “One person one tip” rule. If the team works smoothly, simultaneously and there is no people to distinguish separately, you may be enticed to present the whole sum to one worker. Avoid this. It is very convenient to hand in the money to one person or a chief. You expect that he will distribute the cost and will be just. Meanwhile, greedy people will gladly “forget” to divide tips at all, or will do it at their discretion, and will explain to the rest of the moving crew that a customer has stiffed them. So award each worker separately, shake his hand and say some cheering up words. Your attention to everybody will worth more than the money.

The Ways of Tipping Movers

In case you have met a team of professionals who know what to do and are responsible and friendly, distinguish such an attitude. Your moving troubles are really getting fewer. Is the money the only incentive? The answer is no. There is a list of awards here below, except the money tip, which are highly appreciated by any mover.

1. Polite Greeting And Thank You Words

Please, do not forget that you are the host; you are the main in the cast of actors this day. Your responsibility lies in maintaining a positive attitude, productive atmosphere in your small working team. When meeting your movers, learn their names, shake hands. Try to be polite and attentive. These people will spend entire day by working hard in your premises. Try to show them whereabouts and make them comfortable. After the job has been done, do not forget to express your gratitude for each person’s input.

2. Drinks And Snacks

Being a polite host, means keeping in mind that your companions are not robots but live people, who may feel hungry, thirsty and tired. Try to think in advance at least about refreshments and beverages. If it is cold, then plan hot tea or coffee treat. If it is hot, offer cold drinks. A cooler with the water, paper cups or water in bottles should be prepared. Do not offer alcohol drinks even in the end of the work.

Snacks are perfect incentive for your movers. However, offering food, avoid substituting your tips by meals. Movers may prefer tips, the workers may use the money either buying drinks, food or whatever they prefer. So if you decide to offer meals in lieu of the money, do not say: “OK, guys, here are your tips” and demonstrate pizza. If your move is the second or the third that day, your movers might have had this kind of treat earlier. Offering snacks, inquire movers preferences. They will surely appreciate it. The food may be very simple and available in the nearest department store or deli: sandwiches, fried potatoes, fresh vegetables, and pizza.

3. Refreshment Area

A small refreshment zone may be organized in any suitable place. Just prepare some places for sitting, rest space. A WC with paper towels, liquid soap may be arranged. Then there will be no time waste and attention distraction for organizational issues on the moving day. In addition, your movers may recover and renew energy during the tiresome day.

4. Positive Review or Good Reference on The Internet

After the job has been finished, check the safety of your belongings. If everything is OK, provide movers’ work evaluation. If your scores are high, spend few minutes, and fill in a review of the moving company level of services. Evaluate the input of each mover on the specialized moving websites. Positive reference will be a kind of a tip and additional incentive for professional team job. Besides, it will help those who are going to move and now are looking for a moving company with good recommendations.