Are you planning to shift to a new place and wondering where to get free moving boxes in your area without increasing your budget? Then look no further. Here in this article, we have enlisted 15 possible online and offline resources where you can find free moving boxes for sure. So let’s have a look.

Offline Resources:

1. Friends and Family

The first and the foremost possibility of finding the free boxes is your family and close friends. They may have used boxes from online shopping or may be done with shifting recently. So reach out to your friends and family first to get free boxes.

2. Your Workplace

Another easily accessible place to find free moving boxes is your ‘workplace’. Your company’s warehouse may have many empty boxes. Plus your colleagues or your manager may have some extra boxes and can give them to you.

3. Nearby Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges do get a lot of delivery packages almost every day. There is a high possibility of a lot of cardboard boxes in the schools. Just visit the janitorial staff of your nearby schools and colleges. Hopefully, you will find free boxes there.

4. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are another great spot to find empty boxes. Go to any grocery store and ask for empty pallets. Avoid the boxes that contained seafood in them as they can be stinky.

5. Liquor Stores

Liquor stores get their liquor deliveries in large cardboard boxes. And they get their deliveries almost every day. So there is a high possibility of finding empty moving boxes in liquor stores.

6. Retail Stores

Large retail stores like Target, Walmart, etc. do have a lot of empty boxes. If you need empty boxes, do consider this great option and look for free boxes in these stores.

7. Apartment Buildings

Apartment Buildings are another great spot for free moving boxes. Because people are constantly moving in and out of the apartments. So many people in these apartments may have free boxes for you.

8. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has its food packed in large cardboard boxes. Just go to the McDonalds in your area and ask for empty boxes. They will surely give away empty boxes.

9. Starbucks

Your local Starbucks can be another great source of free boxes because they get their food supplies in large boxes. Go to the Starbucks in your area and look for free cardboard boxes over there.

10. Book Stores

Book stores get their book deliveries in cardboard cartons. These boxes can be used as moving boxes. Visit any bookstore and you can easily find moving boxes there.

11. Recycling points

Recycling points are a great source of useful old stuff. People who are done with shifting, take their moving boxes to these points for recycling. So visit any recycling center and you can easily find used boxes that are in good condition.

Offline Resources:

12. Craigslist

Craigslist, an online marketplace, is one of the best places to find free stuff. It has a ‘Free’ section where locals giveaway their old/used stuff. Check it out for the free boxes and select your nearest area to pick up the free boxes. You can also Google for free craigslist items with your area name. For example, free boxes near me or Craigslist free stuff Appleton.

13. Facebook Groups

There are many helpful Facebook groups where people post about the stuff they want to giveaway. Just write in the search bar or ‘free cardboards’. You can also search with the name of your area like ‘Free moving boxes Las Vegas’ etc.

14. Freecycle

Freecycle is another amazing website that has a huge collection of all the types of giveaway stuff. Just visit the website, enter your city name, and press go. You will hopefully find free pallets/moving boxes there.

15. is a free website that is a neighborhood networking hub. You can find a lot of useful stuff here for free. Not only this, but you can also find a lot of helpful information about the area you are moving to.