Moving containers are a very popular method when you need to relocate. Moving storage containers are not just limited to trucking companies, there are various types of shipping container movers often called POD companies. They propose solutions best suited between a full-service and DIY experience.

Compared to a truck rental, moving containers are often a much cheaper option, and hiring shipping container movers to help can make the easier and more efficient. However, there are some moving companies that will not have your best interest in mind, which is why it’s best to know what the best shipping container movers are in your area.

Below is our list of the top 10 best companies, along with the pros and cons of why we think they are worth checking out, and what to watch for. This list is in no particular order:


U-haul company

Most people are aware of the U-Haul trucks, but they also offer moving container services. Because of the wider options available, they are a very popular choice. The shipping container service is known as U-Boxes, and many people have claimed it’s cheaper and easier compared to renting a truck and moving everything on your own.

They use wooden materials for their boxes, making them smaller and less sturdy compared to other container movers, but they offer services nationwide allowing you to move locally or across the country. They also offer the lowest prices among most movers.

Long-distance can take up to 12 days, but local only takes 1-2 days to arrive, unless you are moving the container on your own.

You can drive shipping container yourself
Prices are low
Available in every state
Can reserve containers online
While reputable, insurance options are available
Made of wood
Advanced booking required
Containers smaller than other companies
Cannot track shipping container
Unused containers cannot be refused


1-800-PACK-RAT company

Available in the United States and Canada, they offer quality shipping containers and multiple sizes, including 8ft, 12ft, and 16ft.

There are multiple sizes available
Good for long or local moves
Weatherproof and protected
Includes $10,000 moving protection and free lock on long-distance moving
Requires calling for a quote
Availability limited compared to others


U-pack company

When it comes to U-PACK their biggest selling point is the fast transit times, and they also have lower prices for those planning to travel long distances. However, compared to other companies, their containers are smaller, so you will need multiple containers for larger homes and apartments.

Offers tracking
Fast transit times
Flexible pricing
No deposit required
Instant quotes
Suitable for longer distances
Expensive for a local move
No help loading
Containers are small, would require several for larger homes.

PODS Moving and Storage

PODS company

PODS stands for Portable on Demand Storage and they have containers in multiple sizes from 7ft, 12ft, and 16ft. This allows homeowners to easily move with a budget and the 16ft container fits up to a four-bedroom apartment.

Offer many sizes


Various movers available

Weatherproof and protected
Longer transit times

Quotes require calling

No help loading or unloading

Cannot track the shipment

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage

smartbox company

If you have a small apartment, this may be a smart solution, such as a college dorm room or a 1-bedroom apartment. Containers measure about 5 x 7 x 8, roughly the size of a small shed.

No fuel surcharge
The moving team helps with multiple deliveries
Good for smaller moves
Made of wood
Only available in one size

Go Mini’s

Go Mini’s company

This shipping container mover is not well known for long-distance moving but offers up to 20-foot containers at an affordable monthly rate.

Available in multiple sizes
Galvanized steel helps protect containers and contents
Affordable compared to other options
Monthly rates
Not known for long-distance moves

Containers On Wheels – COWs

Containers COWs company

Multiple container sizes available with distance-based rates, you can rent them by the day, week, or month. Can be more expensive than others.

Offers multiple shipping options
Quality containers help product your stuff
Multiple sizes available
Costs vary greatly based on distance
Can be more expensive than other companies

Moving Place

Moving Place company

Only offers long-distance moving out of state, over 500 miles, or needs a dedicated trailer. Known for fast delivery, they do not offer instant quotes.

Fast transit times
Good for long-distance moving
Offer multiple container sizes
Offer packing services
Do not offer local or short distance moving
No instant quote must call
Prices can vary greatly

United and Mayflower


Their containers are 16 x 8 x 8 and hold up to a 1,500 sqft home. They offer the option for packers, to store your storage container or leave it on your property.

Containers can hold up to a 1,500 sqft home
Weatherproof design to protect your stuff
Can choose to keep on your property or storage facility
Packers available
Instant quotes not available, must call
Prices can vary greatly based on many factors

Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell

This moving company provides ‘street legal’ moving containers that have wheels and license plates. They can easily be parked in a parking spot, and affordable. Good for short or long-distance moves.

Containers have wheels and license plates
Good for short or long-distance moves
Affordable rates
Multiple container sizes available
Containers cost more compared to other companies

We hope that this list of the top 10 best shipping container movers has helped you decide which movers to check into in your area.