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Planning makes everything perfect,’ this saying signifies the importance of creating a list or a strategy for future action. Moving undoubtedly is one of the most significant decisions yet a pretty hectic task, especially when one shows interest in DIY moving. In order to properly execute it by yourself, you need to have a proper step by step plan that covers all the aspects, including loading and relocating.

Among all the parts of moving tasks, packing plays the most crucial role because nice and proper packaging can protect your valuable pieces of stuff from any kind of damage while transporting those to a new place. There are common mistakes when one is trying to pack all the things, for instance, starting packing randomly can instantly put you in a strenuous position which you want to avoid not only for the smooth relocating experience but for protecting your stuff from any kind of damages. Hence, step by step, or should be said ‘room-by-room’ packing is the best approach. Room by room approach refers to the process of taking one after another.

In order to help you throughout the whole process of room-by-room packing, we’ve come up with the easiest and shortcut ways to complete packing without any trouble and spending unnecessary time.

Note: Prior to starting packing your stuff, you need to sort out what are equipment or furnishes, or stuff are going with you to the new place. It is wise to leave the unnecessary and old things at the old place because relocating old stuff may ruin your new home unless and until those are precious to you. We understand using something can create an internal emotion even though it is material. Hence, the decision is up to you.

Pack Your Living Room

Package Living Room

To initiate your packing, you can go for the living room at the beginning because most of the living room, especially the big living room, contains a significant amount of objects. While you are packing your living room, make sure that you are labeling each box; otherwise, you will begin to lose track of your stuff while moving. Although living room object varies from house to house, you can start with small things to larger. Meanwhile, take some time to sort out the items you want to move, or else you will be paying some extra for unnecessary objects.

Pack Your Bedroom

Packing Bedroom

Packing a bedroom is one of the most hectic and crucial tasks because most of the bedrooms contain closets and dresser drawers full of necessary stuff. Besides, sorting and packing all the materials of the bedroom is very time-consuming. To save some of your time and pack accordingly, you should start packing your bedrooms at least 3 or 4 days prior to your moving. Otherwise, rushing at the eleventh hour may put you in a strenuous position. Let’s say you can develop a strategy like— roll up those sleeves and get ready to sort, pack, and move everything in your bedroom closets, take furniture into consideration, move on to the child’s bedroom and allow them to engage in packing with you, prepare your mattress correctly and pack it in such a way so that it remains intact. Now that you are done packing substantial objects, it is time to move on to packing fragile items of the bedroom, such as: wrap the lampshades properly and put in the fragile box to take extra care, take some time to ensure that both the frame glass and frame itself are appropriately protected from bumps and scrapes.

Pack Your Bathroom


Pack BathroomThe bathroom might seem really easy and only take some minutes to pack; in reality, it is quite challenging. While you are packing your bathroom, make sure you are taking some time, or you may forget your valuable things. Begin by sorting through the cupboards, medicine chest, drawers, and vanity for any medicine bottles, tubes, or jars. Put them aside. Moreover, if you don’t want to carry some extra burden, it is wise to sort out the things in your bathroom before you begin packing. For instance, you can leave those medications which don’t have enough data or are expired. Also, take the chance to pack all the essential things in a separate box so that you can carry them by yourself.

Pack Your Kitchen

Pack Kitchen

Once you are done with sorting out your things, it is time to get started! And the kitchen is the place which you want to first. As much as packing and moving are sometimes daunting, the kitchen is a place with full of challenges because here you keep all of your small to large objects, and most of those are fragile and hard to pack. In order to start packing your kitchen, keep in mind that you need to have essential boxes so that you can sort small objects while you are packing. As a result, you can take everything out step by step once you reach the new place. It is wise to pack your kitchen at the end of your packing because you may need to have some meals prepared or made at your kitchen, so 24 hours before moving is the perfect time to pack your kitchen. On top of everything, at the end of your packing, make sure you put a label ‘Kitchen Materials’ on the top of the pack before loading to track.

Pack Your Dining Room

Pack Your Dining Room

Last but not least, dining room furniture also needs to be appropriately packed even though it is found that packing the dining room is one of the easiest items to pack before moving. However, dining rooms do contain some items that will require extra special care, including chandeliers, crystal, and fine china. You can go for the items-by-items approach, for instance, at the very first, select tools you will need to disassemble any legs, tabletops, doors, or frames. Have plastic sandwich bags (or larger) on hand, along with a permanent marker. So, to avoid any kind of risks, pack all the dining room staff at the end of your packing and keep those labeled for future reference.

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