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So you have chosen a new home where you are willing to shift and decorate it according to your preference as you are going to stay in that house for some time. It is widely accepted and popular that ‘every little tweak in your life makes a difference’ and there is no denial of this interesting adage. Since you are looking forward to embracing a change (read it a huge change), perhaps you want to make the transition smooth and fun simultaneously. Obviously, who doesn’t want to make the shifting transition interesting for them? Everyone does!

While you are packing and getting ready to shift to a new home, you want to consider which appliances you should not take or take with you. Home appliances, in general, comprise a microwave oven, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and others that are relevant to household chores. Moreover, you also need to take the cost of moving into account when you are deciding whether you want to move with or without home appliances because moving companies charge based on the quantity of the home appliances.

Keeping in mind, this article is solely dedicated to answering your question with the view to taking you out of the confusion state.

Is Moving My Appliances Worth It?

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Prior to thinking about selling or keeping your home appliances, you want to consider the status of your home. In simple words, since you are moving to a new home and selling the old one, you want to look into the selling agreement because all the agreements include the decision regarding the home appliances. If the appliances are part of the as-is clause in the contract and the seller is bound to leave everything, you will not be able to take home appliances with you. However, selling your appliances may not be relevant if your condo or townhouse is up for sale. And it is worth mentioning that violating the selling agreement will lead you to legal action or an even worst situation.

What Is The Condition Of Your Appliance?

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Before you take the decision of moving to the new home with all your home appliances, you ‘must’ consider the condition of your appliances. Evaluating those appliances will allow you to take a more wise and practical decision. For instance, taking a 10 or 20 years old dishwasher with you to the new home is not wise because appliance movers charge based on the quantity of your stuff. So it is better to leave that dishwasher in the previous home because you don’t want to spend money on the old appliances, do you? Also, another way to justify this decision is that investing in the older model of appliance may lead you to heavy loss due to any kind of unwanted instance. In contrast, you can that old appliance with a new one totaling additional money.

However, it goes without saying that ‘love for a material remains unchanged.’ If that is the case, you can consider taking that with you. However, you also need to pay for the following tips before moving your appliances.

Will The Appliances Fit In Your New Home?

Obviously, not every home comes with the same size and same space; rather, it varies from place to place. As a result, you also need to space measure into account while thinking about moving appliances with you to the new house. For instance, if you are shifting to a smaller house than the previous one, your home appliances may not fit in the new home.

Take refrigerator as a specific example, all the refrigerators’ sizes are not the same as a result if you take a big refrigerator to a smaller house, either it will fit in the place or take a significant amount of space of the house. It is wise, and experts recommend that before moving take the measurements of the sizes of your appliances and compare with the new place. Doing so will give you enough room in the home and allow you to decorate accordingly.

What Are Its Weight And Size?

In reference to the previous paragraph, while measuring the home appliances, you also need to consider checking the weight and size. If you are looking forward to moving with your home appliances, taking the weight and size of your appliances will allow you to pack every item so that it remains protected from any kind of unwanted damages. Besides, home appliances are usually heavy-weight and large, so it is always recommended that you take a professional moving service to load and shift those to the new location.

Pros and Cons of Moving your Appliances

Perhaps, you are looking for the advantages and disadvantages of moving your home appliances to the new home. In this section, you will find both pros and cons of moving your appliances from your old home to a new one.


Saves Money

No doubt taking your old appliances will save your money if the new home doesn’t come with the installed appliances. However, before you take away your stuff and save some money, look into the selling and buying agreement first.

Great Value

Suppose you have appliances that hold sentimental value or story, such as the pictures drawn by your kids using a permanent marker. In that case, they will help you feel much at home in your new home. Move them with you.


  • Moving old home appliances is not recommended because it carries the maximum vulnerability of getting damaged.
  • Home appliances, in general, are heavy-weight and need extra care to pack, load, and unload. So you need to count additional charges.
  • If you take a larger refrigerator or appliances to the new home, you would be sacrificing a significant amount of room.
  • Most of the time, old home appliances require renovation or extra repair after moving to a new place. Hence, you will be spending money that may not be justified in the coming days.

The Upshot

To summarize, moving from one state to another can be a hectic yet joyous experience if everything is done as per the plan. Perhaps, you are puzzled whether you should take the appliances with you or not. In that case, you must take the aspects mentioned above into account to make your final decision.