How much does it cost to move cross country?

We have enlisted a table below that shows the different moving options and their respective cost ( distance is the same ). Have a look and you will surely get an idea of how much every option costs.

Moving Options Estimated Cost
Professional Moving Company $1500 – $9000
Portable Moving Container $1500 – $3000
Freight Trailer $1500 – $3500
Rental Truck $2000 – $3500

So the average cost of cross-country move turns out to be somewhere in between $4500 – $5000 (for 1000 miles). You can calculate the overall mileage depending upon the distance you need to cover

The 12 Cheapest Ways to Move Cross-Country

1 Plan your move earlier

It is always better to plan your move ahead of time. The earlier you start a planning process the better outcome will be. It is recommended to plan your move at least 6 months before the actual moving date. This way, you will get plenty of time to plan all the steps involved in this moving process. Some moving companies offer a 50% discount if you book your move 6 months beforehand. Likewise, you may be able to find discounts on many other items as well.

2 Know what you pay for

It is necessary to know how much you’ll spend on moving. Find it out in advance if you have enough savings to bear the moving expenses. Calculate your overall money and allocate a particular amount to each step involved in your shifting.

If you are planning to hire a moving company, then you will need the money for:

  • Company fee and commission
  • Insurance charges
  • Additional moving expenses

But if you are planning to do it all by yourself then you will need money for:

  • Truck rent
  • Fuel charges
  • Labor cost
  • Money for packing stuff
  • Extra money for unexpected expenses

3 Cheap moving company

There are some moving companies that will provide you with moving services at cheap rates. But make sure to Invest a good amount of time to find an inexpensive company but with a good reputation and history. There are lots of people out there who got scammed by some cheap companies and got a lot of their stuff damaged, broken or even lost forever. Research deep and wide about the company before booking it

4 Read the contract paper thoroughly

If you are hiring a moving company, make sure you read every single letter of the contract paper. Have a deep look into the distribution of responsibilities and charges. Also, double check if the entire moving work will be done by the same company or if some third party will handle a part of the moving work.

5 Get insurance for precious stuff

Do you have insurance for your valuable and expensive items? In case any of your stuff gets damaged or broken during the hassle or shifting, the insurance company will be there to refund your loss.

6 Hire a professional moving company

Sometimes, you can spend extra cash but get rid of moving stress. If you don’t want to take the hassle of moving everything by yourself, then there is an option of hiring a moving company. Of course, it is one of the most expensive options for moving stuff around in comparison to other options. But there are tons of moving companies that will move you across the country. These companies will deliver all your belongings including your furniture, your household essentials and even your vehicles anywhere. Most of them offer insurance for your belongings as well, so it’s 2 birds with one stone. Even though there are many pros of hiring a professional moving company, this option has a couple major cons as well: high rates and delays in delivery are the top 2 of them.

7 Сheapest labor

The cheapest way of moving in or out of state is to depend on yourself: from packing your stuff to loading and unloading your belongings from the truck. Look for some free moving boxes, ask a couple friends to help with packing everything and hire a moving truck – this is the formula for the most cost-efficient move. You will easily save on moving company fees,boxes, loading and unloading costs. This is the only way to minimize your paycheck, unless you have a truck.

8 Got any friends and family?

If you do not have good enough savings, and can’t afford hired labor or professional movers, then do consider your loved ones as helpers. Ask them for assistance. Most likely family members will help you to move with their own vehicles. After all, who doesn’t like to travel, especially with dear to heart people?

9 Choose a better moving date

The date you choose for moving can have a huge effect on the overall cost of your move out trip. Try choosing the dates that are not too busy: mid-week, mid-month, or the summer season are the best options. Usually, moving companies and truck rentals are fully booked during weekends and during warm seasons. Also, the weekends are super busy because people have day-offs from their work and it’s just more convenient to use these days.

10 Rent a moving truck

This is one of the cheapest ways of moving and saving thousands of dollars. Consider renting a moving truck. Pack up the stuff by yourself. Load the truck on your own and get yourself and your belongings to your destination as a driver. This way, you can minimize the cost to the ground level. Keep in mind that the rental rates of the trucks vary as per the booking time and location. The fares are usually higher by the start and end of the month. It’s better to get a quote from each moving company and pick the cheapest one but with a good reputation. Keep in mind that the gas usage per mile of these trucks is pretty high. So keep track of the distance and gas usage before starting the journey to avoid any inconvenience.

11 Rent a portable moving container

Portable moving containers are one of the most popular and most-used options for moving luggage across the country. A portable moving container is an excellent alternative to an expensive moving service. These containers are not only cost-efficient but can also be used as storage containers after reaching the destination. Their rent price is fair enough ($1500 – $3000) which is quite less than the charges of a moving company (which is on average $6500- $8500).

12 Use a freight trailer

Freight trailers are another cheap and one of the most secure way of taking your luggage to another city or state. The containers are very large (28 ft.) and can carry a bulk of luggage at once. There are many trailer companies that take your luggage in the trailer to your new home across the country. All you have to do is to make an order and book a date and they will come to your place and leave a trailer there. You have a 3-days limit to load all of your luggage into the freight trailer. After 3 days, the trailer company will pick it up and will drop it off at your destination. This service is way cheaper than a full-time moving company.

Bonus Tips to Cut Costs on a Long Distance Move

13 Only necessary things

This is another important factor that can increase or decrease your moving cost. People tend to hoard a lot of stuff in the house over years. But there a plenty of items they don’t even use. So, if you have any useless items, give them away. You can even sell them to make money out of them. The goal is to lighten your luggage as much as possible. The lower the weight, the lower will be the moving cost.

14 Ship or Sell Your Stuff

This is an unpopular and underrated option. It may sound silly, but trust us, sometimes it is just way cheaper to sell stuff and buy a new version of it instead of delivering it across the country. Set of patio chairs, BBQ grill and even lawn mower could be sold in order to save extra space and money while moving.

15 Find Free Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Another great saving option is to find free moving boxes. There are many spots to find free moving boxes. Your friend and family are on the top of the list to find them. Your nearby schools, colleges, restaurants, retail and grocery stores are great places where you may start your search. Plus there are many websites that deal with giveaway items. So do opt for free boxes. It will greatly reduce your overall moving cost.

16 Hire moving labor

If you cannot pick up your stuff, do consider hiring a couple students to do it for you. There are many local students or even teenage boys who will eagerly help you to load or unload truck full of your belongings for some bucks. Plus they can also help in removing the junk.

17 Keep Track of Your Moving Expenses

It’s very important to keep track of your moving expenses. Keeping track of your expenses will also help you to realize how much you have spent so far and how much you can spend further. This will give you control over expenses in the future to minimize the moving cost as much as possible.

18 Have your company pay for the move

Find out whether or not the company you work in will help you to move out with covering moving expenses. Save all of the receipts because if you are moving for work, your hiring company will pay for your moving expenses (if agreed initially).

Tip to Save Even More

The best way to save even more is to plan everything. You need to estimate the cost of everything. Consider selling the items you don’t use in your yard sale. This will help you make money as well as get rid of unwanted items and reduce your luggage weight. Calculate the cost of moving labor. If you can’t afford it, just skip it. Likewise, contact different moving companies and pick up the one with the least charges or biggest discount. After all, you want to save as much money as possible, right?