There are many types of services that people need in a short period of time. One of them is the moving service. But the question is which shipping companies to choose: those located in the US or Europe? Let’s try to figure it out.

What are relocation services?

relocation service

Moving companies are those companies that will make your life easier and take care of all the work on the move, from assessing the scope of work to the very process of moving belongings. There is a list of relocation services that every self-respecting moving company offers its client:

  • Moving (personal or corporate relocation services) – includes disassembling/assembling/packing/loading/fixing furniture and fragile objects (chandeliers, mirrors). Household appliances deserve special attention. But there are also refrigerators, TVs (and not just boxes, but panels), microwave ovens, and more. And all this the mover must be able to disassemble, pack, then assemble and arrange in a new place with an indispensable condition – for it to work!
  • Specialized moving: includes industrial relocation, transportation of concert equipment and musical instruments, banking equipment. Here, after all, the moving team needs to be able to handle modern loading equipment, to know the intricacies of transportation of safes, terminals, machines, pianos, etc. Indeed, the moving company is responsible for the safety of this valuable and very vulnerable cargo.
  • Warehouse work: in order to fulfill this item in the list of services of the moving company, the loader must also understand the peculiarities of warehouse activities – sorting, packing, unpacking, and labeling the belongings.

Who provides moving services?

There are specialized relocation service companies that minimize the moral and psychological costs of future newcomers and take on all the tasks associated with moving from point A to point B. And the contractors are not only engaged in unloading and loading furniture.

The relocation begins with furniture disassembling. Yes, you can cope with this task on your own, but what if the furniture was assembled many years ago, and there is no carpenter or engineer set in the house? And how much time do you need to spend on office furniture (for example, desks)?

After the furniture has been disassembled and folded, it’s time to pack it. Those who have moved at least once probably remember their emotions when a truck with belongings suddenly stops at a traffic light and a suspicious sound makes you worry about a precious TV wrapped in a blanket.

Relocation with a professional moving company allows you to kill two birds with one stone:

  • saving time and not pack the twenty-fifth box in a row the night before your relocation;
  • remaining confident that things will be delivered safe and sound and the move will not be overshadowed by unpleasant surprises.

The best relocation services in the USA

movers USA

Now let’s find out what moving companies will provide you with the best relocation services:

  1. International Van Lines. Its services include domestic household, military, and B2B relocation. For local, interstate, and international moves there are logistics, customs clearance, brokerage, and insurance services.
  2. American Van Lines. The company offers short term or long-term storage, complete packing, crating, stacking, customs clearance, bulky items movers services.
  3. Allied Van Lines. This moving company will provide you with different services: full-packing or partial packing (e.g. fragile units only), providing packing materials and supplies, carrying and loading belongings, assembling, goods-in-transit storage, and shipment tracking.
  4. Moving APT. The relocation company specializes in residential moving, corporate relocation, long-distance and cross-country relocations.
  5. Atlas Van Lines. If you are searching for government moves or special and bulky items transportation then this moving company will be the best choice for you.

The professional relocation services in Europe

movers Europe

  1. Eagle Relocations. This company is considered the best in terms of the insurance. 98% satisfied customer rating.
  2. GB Liners. The company offers additional services, such as cleaning the old house as well as the new one.GB Lingers can even pick you up from the airport!
  3. White & Company. The moving company is famous for 145 years of experience and its corporate relocation services. The White & Company will help you to make your moving process less stressful.
  4. Lopa Removals. This company will please you with the speed of service execution. The Lopa Removals can do all the European moves within 2-5 days.
  5. Pickfords. As a part of the Allied International Moving Network, this mover can relocate your belongings to any part of the world. The Pickfords specialists will inform you about your move. Furthermore, you can always contact a manager at the Moving Advice Centre if you have any questions.

Benefits in the USA

The choice of a moving company can depend on many factors. By choosing a company in the United States, those who live in this country will benefit. It is always best to choose local movers that are located in your area. Thus, you not only support the business of your country, but you can also protect yourself from deception. There are many companies in the United States to help you with your move. But you should always pay attention to:

  • prices;
  • speed of services;
  • additional services;
  • If the specificity of the company’s services matches your needs.

Advantages in Europe

In this case, the same scheme works. If you live in Europe, then it would be better to choose a moving company in your country. Different countries have their own taxes and prices. To be confident in the company and be able to personally get acquainted with its services and work, it is better to trust local movers.

Disadvantages in the US and Europe

The quality of moving company services does not depend on its location. Therefore, before hiring a team of movers, study all the information about it (visit the website, study customer reviews, etc.). The disadvantage of every move with a relocation company can be the relatively high cost of providing services. However, on the other hand, packaging furniture and appliances with the help of employees can cause considerable damage. In case of an unfair attitude of the staff, very valuable things can be damaged.

Who is better?

US vs EU

And here is the final question. But the answer is simple: it all depends on three Ws:

  • Where are you going to move from (country, city)?
  • What additional services are you interested in?
  • What is your budget?

If you live in Europe, why not contact a local relocation company? The same can be said for the residents of the United States – choose your movers. Each country has its own laws. Therefore, while ordering the services of a company located in another country, you will have to study not only information about the movers but also about the current laws of the country in which it is located.

So pay more attention to whether the moving company has the right documents, customer comments, and ratings. And only then decide which company to choose: from Europe or the USA.