Moving is a difficult process for most but it can be even more trying for aging individuals, especially if they are dealing with a move due to a life-changing event. Even those seniors who are simply looking to downsize their residence or move closer to their family can struggle with trying to get all the pieces in order and set up the arrangements to facilitate the transition.

For these types of situations moving service providers who are experienced with helping seniors make their moves as painless as possible. Representatives from such services are trained and often certified to offer end-to-end moving accommodations specifically geared at seniors. They are experienced in the trials and nuances that this may bring along, from the personal to the financial. For these reasons, the top-ranked senior moving services offer a flat rate, are patient, compassionate, and are equipped to help out with every aspect of the move.

If you are a senior citizen preparing to move or if you are a relative of someone who will need assistance moving to another location or to an assisted living facility, we recommend considering some of the following senior moving services to make the transition as smooth and streamlined as possible, while considering the nuances of the particular scenario involved.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services (Best Full-Service Moves)

Solomon & Sons is a very reputable moving services company that offers its moving services across the United States. They have been operational since 2014 and are highly regarded as one of the best, including their A rating with the BBB.

The company offers multiple plans including car shipping services, packing and unpacking options, and of course, the all-encompassing, full-service plan. The latter involves the company attending to every aspect of the move, with trained professionals assuring that all of the belongings are securely packaged, relocated, and unpacked, as well as placed in their desired locations.

The family-owned company offers to have representatives come to residences for an in-home consultation and work out the details of the move, but is also available to hold these meetings virtually to yield customer comfort and convenience. Solomon & Sons also offer to call customers at a time of their convenience. If a customer leaves a voicemail during off-hours, they will get a prompt call back to begin the process of making arrangements.

The pricing quote is provided upfront when requested, and the company grants assurances that they will honor that quote once the move has taken place.

Caring Transitions (Best Overall)

Caring Transitions is a CRTS certified for its services with assisting in relocating aging seniors, that is staffed with experts trained to facilitate smooth transitions. The company doesn’t just offer an array of moving services. They will work with seniors or their families to tailor a moving package that is specifically fitting the customer’s particular situation and unique set of needs.

The company offers free on-site consultations that can get the most accurate quote for the job and the moving specialists utilize software designed for space planning in order to allow the customer to see and approve the planned arrangement of all of their belongings, proceeding only with the customer’s approval towards the process. In this manner, the moving party feels the most comfortable with how everything will be arranged in their new residence.

The company has nearly 200 physical locations around the country, though that does not span to every state in the nation. They can be contacted by phone or through their website, which supports various font sizes to make reading for seniors easier as they consider the company for their next move.

Moves For Seniors (Best Option For Caregivers)

Loved ones making arrangements to move a senior in their life to a new location or an assisted living facility, can often struggle to find services that will provide the necessary scope, expertise, bandwidth, and flexibility for helping their situation. Moves For Seniors is a nationally recognized company, operating since 2007, to help ease the burdens and challenges of helping seniors move.

The company’s goal is to make the transitions as painless as possible. The team of moving professionals offers a variety of services, including a free consultation and the implementation of long-distance or local moves at the maximum convenience for customers looking to help their seniors move.

Moves For Seniors facilitates its services by contacting local moving companies and working out an arrangement with their moving professionals to assure that all of the belongings are carefully packed, relocated, and unpacked in a full-service manner to get the moving parties situated in their new abode with maximum ease and comfort.

The company is easy to contact by phone or online chat, and their easy-to-use website allows you to request a specialist for a consultation, provided contact information is provided to obtain a quote for the moving job. The company also assists in services including the discarding of unneeded items, item donations, and moves for the purposes of downsizing.

The service also offers a labor-only option. This is a good choice for those who are looking to save a bit of money when they are able to pack most of the belongings on their own but need help moving them, as well as the heavier furniture pieces to avoid mishaps or injury.

The challenges of moving paired with moving for seniors are certainly great reasons to have the assistance of professional moving services with a particular area of concentrated expertise in the area of senior moves. The above are some of the most well-reputed, best services for this purpose, but there are other quality options available on a local level as well.