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Who doesn’t love to save some bucks? Everyone does! While you are trying to find the best ways to save budget in your daily lifestyle, you might search for the cheapest ways to move with your tight budget.

Moving undoubtedly can easily take a significant toll on your pocket, considerably if you hire a moving company as they offer all the moving services, including packing, loading, unloading, transporting, and many more with their in-house expertise.

Experts shared that relocation includes a wide range of tasks and among them, shipping those packed moving boxes is the most crucial and costly part of the whole process. Other than finding the cheap moving boxes, you will need tips to transport them. Pondering over your budget and desire to save some money, we’ve come up with cheap ways to relocate your stuff across the country.

Still not decided how to save your budget from additional spending on services? Here you will find the option that you can afford.

Move By Train

cheapest way to ship moving boxes

Moving your boxes by train can be one of the best yet cheapest ways because while moving your boxes by train, you will be able to get many benefits that you could expect. Various companies offer to move by train, and among them, ‘Amtrak’ is one of those. The kind of train they use is well-built and meant to ship moving boxes without causing any harm. However, there are some criteria that you need to meet in order to send some of your boxes by train.

To give you an idea, shipping by train is one of the convenient ways to move your stuff because you can just send the already packed boxes for shipping. While shipping your boxes through Amtrak, your boxes should not be larger than 3ft x 3ft x 3ft and no heavier than 50lbs per box. In order to move heavy and large boxes, you are required to call prior to sending your boxes. It is worth mentioning that heavy boxes should not exceed 100lbs per case in case of shipping through the train.

Other than the size and weight of your moving boxes, you also need to pay heed to the stuff you are putting in the boxes because Amtrak doesn’t allow you to ship fragile items as well as electronics. In order to spend less and ship more, you can split up the total 500 lbs into several boxes because Amtrak only allows 500lbs shipping service per day.

Meanwhile, you should not forget about the basics of shipping your boxes that include numbering and penning detailed information on each box separately, mentioning item types and names, wrap the entire box in packing tape, and others that you think required for damage-less shipping.

In terms of costing, shipping by train typically charges $40-$80 for the first 100lbs and then $.40 to $.80 for each additional pound over the first 100lbs. Nevertheless, the charge varies as it depends on other aspects as well.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Considerably Faster Shipping
  • Storage rates—$3/box/day
  • Insurance Available


  • Near Home Drop-off not available
  • Limited Weight Shipping
  • Electronics and Fragile Items not allowed

Move by Bus

Move by Bus

Didn’t like the process and features of the shipping train? Well, why stress out then another option—shipping by bus is available for you. With the shipping your stuff by bus, shipping has never been so easy because bus also gives significant benefits.

Following the benefits of shipping by train, you are also required to follow the process of shipping by bus. For instance, your moving boxes or containers should not be larger than 30′′x47′′x82′′ and no heavier than 100lbs; otherwise, those boxes won’t fit properly. Although you can ship your fragile and electronic items by bus, it is not recommended as insurance may exclude those items.

If you have read the previous option—‘ Move by train,’ you must be well-aware that you need to take all the details including packing, sorting, and other essential aspects with the view to ensuring safe shipping through a bus.

To describe the typical charge of shipping by bus, you probably are looking at around $1 per lb with additional charges depending on the size of the package. Note that if you avail of a home delivery service, the price will increase though some companies offer a discount on the delivery charge.


  • Fast Shipping
  • Reasonable Costing
  • Home Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Larger Shipping Option


  • Uncertain Transfer Facility
  • Zero Liability
  • Limited Insurance Coverage
  • Limited Shipping in Location

Move by Carriers


If you are looking forward to shipping your items outside the country, you want to consider hiring international carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, United States Postal Service, and others. It is worth mentioning that carriers usually offer multiple mediums of shipping, for instance, by air, ship, and even by car to cross the border. Considering their service lists and expertise, the charge is significantly higher than the conventional mediums of shipping moving boxes.

While you are considering taking carriers’ shipping service, you must not use cheap moving boxes as it will cross the border. In terms of ensuring your properties’ safety, you don’t need to worry much, not because these carriers have professional and certified movers, but they do extensive packing right after you send your moving boxes.

As the price varies from company to company, there is no average price listing, but you can keep your eyes on their designated sites for any price update.


  • Professional and Certified Mover
  • Best International Shipping Service
  • Safe Shipment


  • Expensive
  • Not Fast Shipping Service

Final Thoughts

Other than the mediums, as mentioned above of shipping your items, you can also choose mediums such as use air moving service provided by domestic or international, truck moving, tow trailer companies, and others. To find the most reasonable moving medium, take some time to do research and compare price range so that you can take the cheapest moving service into account and save a handsome amount of money from moving without compromising the quality of relocating service. It is high time you considered packing your stuff; otherwise, there is a possibility that you will spend a lot of money on moving.