The Top Certified Moving Companies

iso certified packers and movers

If you are planning a move, you are probably looking for a credible moving company to help you. What better credentials than certifications proving their qualifications for helping keep your move smooth and efficient? How do you know if a moving company is qualified to move you? How can you make sure they are legitimate? These are important questions, and the answers can be found here.

We can address both of these questions at once. What follows is a few qualifications outside of certificates to protect you from ‘rogue movers.’ Rogue movers are disreputable companies that don’t have the certifications or qualifications proving their legitimacy and reliability. So here is how you can spot a legitimate moving company.

  • Check For Online Presence- A legitimate moving company would have a presence online. If you are considering a moving company, but can’t find any online presence, then you shouldn’t keep them in mind.
  • Request an Estimate For Free- It is required by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) that moving companies perform an in-home, free estimate.
  • Ask For a DOT number- One way to confirm legitimacy is to request a DOT number.
  • Ask For Proof of Certifications- You should also check them on BBB, as well as other directories.

Now, let’s get into more details about certifications and what they are. We will also provide you with 15 of the best moving companies in the U.S.

What is a Certification?

certified packers and movers

The definition of certification, according to Oxford Languages, is, “An official document attesting to the status or level of achievement.” Basically, certification is proof of legitimacy and a company’s qualifications for serving you, the customer.

How Are Certifications for Carriers Carried Out?

When a moving company is certified, they are recognized for their qualifications of safety and reliability. Many certificates require businesses to be members of their organization, with good standings, that have built a reputation within the community/country. Often times, it is a long application process for a company to become certified, and there are stipulations for these companies to receive these certificates.

Who Certifies U.S Packers and Carriers?

There are two major groups that certify U.S packers and carriers. FMSCA and AMSA,


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certifies trusted companies, ensuring their safety. Their goal is to support the safety and procedures of unified motor carriers.


AMSA Launched, in 2009, a consumer protection program called ProMover. Their certification helps fight against rogue movers and scam artists. This certification separates the reputable from the underhanded.

Top 10 Best Certified Moving Companies

Without further ado, let’s address the top 10 best certified moving companies:

  1. Moving APT- Serving customers since 2010, this company started with five men and two trucks. Now, they are recognized as national leaders in moving. They are bonded and licensed by the DOT.
  2. FlatRate Moving- This company is licensed to handle almost any type of move. They are certified and licensed through the DOT and BBB.
  3. Mayflower- Involved in organizations that promote dedication to customers, communities, and employees, Mayflower is ISO certified with a ProMover Certificate from AMSA.
  4. United Van Lines- United Van Lines have been around for decades working under the parent company Unigroup. With headquarters based out of St. Louis, Mo, this company is ISO certified.
  5. North American Moving Services- This is an ISO certified company that was the first in many moving companies to practice improvements to provide customers with tracking and quality services.
  6. Arpin Van Lines- This is a BBB accredited moving company. They are still operating through the COVID-19 pandemic and offer quality and satisfying services to customers for long-distance moves.
  7. Wheaton Worldwide Moving- This moving company, as well as all of their agents, are also ProMover certified. They have been accredited through the BBB for decades.
  8. Bekins- This company takes great measures to ensure the customer’s property and belongings are safely handled and delivered. They are accredited with the BBB.
  9. Atlas Van Lines- This van line holds several qualifications and certifications. Among those, certifications are a ProMover certificate from AMSA.
  10. Graebel- This company has earned a “Top Performer” ranking with a FIDI-FAIM 3.1 certificate. They have undergone an audit that revealed their reliability and quality for customer service.

The Top 5 Certified International Movers

Now we would like to inform you of the top certified international movers. These companies have built their reputations over years of quality services with minimum complaints. They only offer practical and relevant insurance options to the customers that they proudly serve. Here are the top 5 companies that work internationally as movers that offer several relocation services to the public. All of them are certified and hold outstanding reputations with the BBB. These are the Top 5 Companies:

  1. Allied Van Lines- This is by far rated one of the best movers in the world. They showcase several certificates to boost their qualification for assisting the public in their relocation.
  2. International Van Lines- If you are moving on a budget, then this is the company to consider. They also have an outstanding reputation with the BBB.
  3. UpakWeShip- As the name suggests, this company will come in after you have packed up and shipped your belongings to where you are moving to. They are accredited and respected among the communities they serve.
  4. United Van Lines- This company comes with multiple insurance options and boast excellent customer service and reliability.
  5. North American Van Lines- This is the first company to travel on the Alaskan Highway. They are accredited and respected across the globe. They have been an innovative company for decades.