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Moving truck rental service is one of the most popular and one-stop services for safely and conveniently shipping the moving boxes. As the relocation process comprises a lot of tasks from packing to unloading, you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the best moving truck rental service. We’ve created the best moving truck rental companies in the USA with the view to helping you from stressing out and saving a few bucks.

Read on to find out the features and aspects of the best moving truck rental companies in the US.

If you are confused and do not know which company to choose, we have compiled a list of companies that you can definitely trust the moving process.

1. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental

Short in budget or looking for the most affordable company in the US, Budget Truck Rental can be the best choice as it offers a high-quality price at your reach. The name of the company speaks for itself to a great extent. Our research says moving companies typically charge less on the weekdays, say between late weekends (Sunday) to mid-week days (Thursday).

In comparison to the other companies, Budget Truck Rental offers limited truck-sized trucks, which can be daunting if you are shipping a significant amount of items at a time. And in terms of location, this company covers more than 1700 locations in the United States as well as in Canada.


  • Affordable Price Range
  • Maximum Area Coverage
  • Offers Discounts on Occasion
  • Great Customer Support


  • Limited Truck Size
  • Charged for Additional Service

2. U-Haul

U-Haul company

With the coverage of over 20,000 locations, U-Haul is holding the top-ranking position in the list of best truck Rental Company in the USA. To describe its feasibility and feature, it offers excellent moving service to its potential customers.

One of the best things about this company is it has a variety of moving truck sizes, cargo vans, and pickup trucks that can associate smaller and larger moving in both short and long-distance. Hence, customers won’t have to worry about anything, even if you are moving out of the state.

If you need instant packing materials or packing service, you can also avail of their packing service so that you don’t have to jump from sites to sites for particular service as they are giving almost a full-range of moving service.


  • Convenient to Book
  • 20,000 locations Coverage
  • Variety of Truck Service
  • Multiple Trailers


  • Truck Remains Unavailable When Overbooked

3. Penske Truck Rental

company Penske

Best known for its moving service, Penske Truck Rental is one of the most top-rated yet popular moving companies that has been providing a wide range of moving service to the residents of the United States.

With coverage over all the states, Penske Truck Rental has the smallest to largest trucks to match the best fit for any kind of shipping of your items. Not only this company offers truck rental service but also truck and towing service for moving within or outside the state of the country.

Other than their quality moving services, they also offer loading and unloading service with the view to making the relocating experience more smooth and hassle-free. In this regard, their pricing is very low compared to their service quality, so you can also go for Penske Truck Rental for a variety of moving services.


  • Local and one-way, long-distance moving service
  • Various Discount Offers
  • Multiple Insurance Option
  • Various Truck Sizes


  • Expensive than other available movers

4. Enterprise Truck Rental

Moving Truck Rental Companies

Scored 4.6 out of 5, according to Movingfeedback, Enterprise Truck Rental is one of the most decent and quality service providers. Keeping your needs and requirements in mind, Enterprise Truck Rental provides all kinds of trucks, including pickup vans, cargo vans, in order to help you relocate conveniently and without damaging your precious items.

What makes it different from others? Well, the price it offers is relatively higher than others but taking the quality of their service, this price range is worth hiring them for moving service.

With the coverage of over 270 locations in the states, the unique sales proposition of this company is that Enterprise does not charge mileage rates only if your distance is more than 300 miles.


  • Across the State Service
  • Truck Type Variations
  • Discount Option
  • Maximum Locations Coverage in States


  • Price Varies from Time to Time
  • No-way Renting Option Not Available

5. Ryder Truck Rental

Ryder Truck Rental

Albeit all the truck rental service companies provide the safest and convenient moving service, Ryder Truck Rental stands aside their safest and harmless moving service. Typically, Ryder Truck Rental company handles all types of moving assistance, it is best known for shifting all your precious and special items with their latest weather-resistant or temperature-sensitive trucks. Hence, your valuable items will remain intact regardless of your distance within the state.

If you are looking forward to shipping your antique and valuable items, Ryder Truck Rental service provider is the company that you want to choose for a harmless and smooth moving experience.


  • Maximum Protection in Any Weather
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy Reservation and Cancellation
  • Top-notch Customer Support


  • Only Offers Short-Distance Moving
  • Non-Uniform Service

Final Thoughts

moving rental companies

Prior to finding the best moving truck rental company, you need to take everything, especially items’ type, size, box condition, into consideration; otherwise, you may end up choosing an inappropriate moving company. Besides, you also need to consider your location before choosing or hiring a moving company because some moving company doesn’t offer long-distance moving service.

If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry! You can also hire a moving truck rental company that meets your budget and requirements. Typically, the truck size will determine the base rate a rental moving truck will cost. It will cost between an average of $20 and $35 per day to rent a moving truck that will hold your household item of a 1- or 2- bedroom apartment.

However, the rent factor also implies that cost for gas, mileage, insurance, taxes, and others are not included in the rate per day, so you need to pay heed to all the charges prior to hiring a moving truck rental company.