How to Make Relocation Easier?

Do not plan moving in summer. Summer is a difficult period for relocation due to several reasons. Weather conditions with high air temperature during these hot days will make you sweat. The process will be exhausting. Besides, there will be many blackout dates for professional movers of America. The service is in high demand during these dates. Summer is the move time for military people, parents with school age children, and most frequent time for vacations and real estate deals. There will be few free moving companies; you will not get wide choice of them. Moreover, the prices will be higher.

If you cannot avoid this, read our recommendations below.

1.  Schedule a Move Ahead 

Family Moving in Summer

Plan your move 6 to 10 weeks ahead avoiding weekends and holidays. You will have better chances to book value for money moving services.

Moving specialists prefer early start. They accomplish their job earlier. Morning time allow to finish all tiresome procedures within the lowest temperature during a day. Usually the difference between morning and afternoon temperatures reaches 10 degrees. You will avoid unbearable hot hours.

Taking a day off, make sure that you plan some unexpected situations and delays: sickness, car breakdown, weather conditions. Take an extra day-off to be safe. It is also worth securing extra money for hotel accommodation, additional car rent, etc.  If the situation occurs by the fault of moving companies, they usually compensate any extra spending. 

 2.  Packing Yourself

Boxes in the roomPacking yourself will surely decrease your moving bill. However, will it save your money? Be realistic about your skills. A moving company will surely do it quicker and more professionally. Try to book this service from movers in advance to avoid blackout dates.

If you pack yourself, arrange necessary boxes, containers, packing material, equipment including dollies and tools. Start collecting and wrapping things in some days before the relocation date. Pay special attention to the prepared boxes and things. Remember, that electronics, tapes, discs, candles, leather furniture upholstered in plastic will be upset if staying too long in hot premises. These are the last things to put in the truck and the first to get inside the cool house.  

3.  Using Professional Moving Services

Moving experts will make your relocation easier. They will use their skills, crew expertize and necessary equipment.

However, they suffer the same weather condition as you. Besides, they have exercise stress such as bending and lifting of heavy load. Offer them making breaks for drinks and small lunch. Use cooling fans to make the job far more efficient.  

4.  Schedule Your Kids’ Relocation

Child in a Car - Moving

Relocating children is a stressing procedure for both parents and kids.

They must not interfere with the work of moving professionals during the day of move. Ask for babysitting in your old house and at a new home.  

Changing a school will require additional paperwork. Check for necessary documents and records, and keep them with you. Otherwise, you will wait until the last container with papers is unpacked.  

Help your children to meet new friends at the new place. Summer time allows you to visit some sport events, camps, and clubs to meet neighboring kids.

5.  Your Pets Move

Moving with Pets


Pets should not interfere with the moving experts’ work. Provide reliable shelter for your animal friends out of the moving route. Place them in the kennel or ask somebody to stay with them.


6.  Air Conditioning And Ventilation

All involved in the relocation procedure must stay cooled and sun protected. Think about it in advance to make you moving day more efficient. Kids, pets, plants must stay out of direct sunbeams in cool premises. 

Think thoroughly about using an air conditioner or a fan. You will need electricity supply in your old house and at a new home. Start premises ventilation long before it gets too hot. You may open all doors and windows, making breeze for cooling. Make sure that electricity is switched on in the place of destination. Otherwise, use fans with a battery. They are portable and may be utilized everywhere.

7.  Water Supply

Heat in a Car

All participants of the moving process must stay hydrated (kids, pets, plants as well as you and your moving crew).

Prepare enough supply of bottled water with a cooler in advance. Coordinating the moving procedure, be sure to control that everyone is drinking enough. Remember that sweating people, athletic complexity people and those who exercise stress need more hydration. If necessary use tap water.  

8.  Control Your Health Condition

You are responsible not only for whole relocation procedure but also for yourself. Do not forget to control your health condition within long hours of the move. 

You will need your energy not only for this particular day but also for the several next days unpacking things, repotting plants, meeting new people and helping to settle your kids. Avoid all strenuous activities if there are professionals for your assistance, for moving and lifting things.

Put on comfortable clothes and sturdy flexible shoes. Your clothes should be in light colors and made of natural fabrics to absorb sweat and to allow you staying dry. Put on sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and head from direct sunbeams. Also, use sunscreen cream or lotion in spray applying it once per 2 hours.  

Note overheating symptoms: nausea, headache, high body temperature. This may be very dangerous. You should immediately escape from the heat. Stay in cold premises, apply a cold towel. Prepare cold towels in advance by placing wet washcloths into the fridge or cooler. If possible, take a cold shower and lie down. Do not forget to drink enough water. Control these symptoms with all others involved in the move.