How To Move During a Pandemic in the U.S

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Moving is a difficult task, and often times, we tend to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. However, with the pandemic that has swept the world, how do we go about moving without furthering the risk of exposure? That may sound like a tricky task, but it can still be a simple and stress-free process that is just as safe as it has always been.

COVID-19: What is it?

While COVID-19 isn’t the first coronavirus, it is still a dangerous and infectious disease that was recently discovered in Wuhan, China during December of 2019. Because of the transmission risks with person-to-person contact and droplets from the mouth or nose, social distancing has become common practice—more on that further below.

In the U.S, the death count of COVID-19 is more than 160,000. The confirmed cases are around 5,000,000. While those numbers may not seem like much in comparison to the population, they are still increasing every day. Where social distancing measures are not being taken and sanitation methods not being followed, you will find greater risk. That is why, when you decide to make a move during the pandemic, you need to make sure you are going about things the right way.

Social Distancing: The New Normal

Social Distancing when pandemic

Social distancing is the newest phrase and considered to be the new normal, that has been heard across the world. It is the measure of staying at least 6ft away from others while limiting contact and infection rate through wearing masks and gloves.

This has changed the way people interact with each other and conduct business, bringing life to contactless deliveries, pick-up, and even relocation services.

What About Moving On My Own?

With the exception of being able to invite a bunch of friends over to help with the process, there isn’t any difference really in moving the DIY fashion. It is still stressful, and a lot of hard work. However, there are benefits to it too. You do get to maintain the social distancing safety measures while containing who comes in contact with your belongings and new environment. So there are perks, but it is still an inconvenient process for a lot of people who aren’t able to manage the process on their own easily.

If you are driving, where should you stop, and what do you eat?

Obviously, a lot of places are shut down right now. There are diners that are closed, most bathrooms are shut to the public, and everyone is taking measures to lessen the spread of this pandemic. So, that leaves the question, where do you stop and eat? Well, that is where some planning comes into play. You need to make sure there are places you can get food on the way to your new residence. Calling ahead to restaurants to check their hours and COVID-19 preventative measures is a great start. Most fast-food businesses are still offering services like curbside pick-up and drive-thru options.

Most of the restaurants with open diners offer open bathrooms with limits to how many can be in there at once.

What Measures Should I Take if I Don’t Feel Well?

In the event of you not feeling well, there are a few precautions you should consider:

  • Notify your moving company
  • Seek a Doctor Consultation
  • Identify the health problem
  • Wear a Mask
  • Isolate

Should I Be Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you are scheduled for a big move, and you have a moving company aiding you, then you are probably concerned with the safety hazards of the pandemic. Put simply, if precautions are taken, moving during the pandemic is no different. It is still possible to move safely with the right company and crew.

Are Moving Services Available Still?

covid-19 vs. service movers

As we mentioned before, yes, moving services are still available. In fact, many moving companies are doing what they can to ensure that they are able to serve the public during their time of relocation.

Is Hiring Movers Safe?

While your concerns are not ill placed, hiring movers can still be safe as long as social distancing is practiced as well with sanitizing belongings.

Know What your Moving Company’s Policy for COVID-19 Is

This is important. Before you decide from one of many moving companies, you need to make sure you are asking about their policy involving COVID-19. Make sure they are taking safety measures and are willing to accommodate the social distancing practice.

How Are Moving Companies Responding to COVID-19?

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The moving companies that have decided to remain operational during this difficult time have begun to take extra measures to ensure that sanitation and cleanliness are maintained. They are making sure that their equipment and vehicles are wiped down correctly, and the movers stay clean and distant to lower the spread risk.

What If I Need to Cancel my Move?

If you wish to cancel your move, you will have to contact your moving company and find out their cancellation policy.

Vital Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

  • Clean as You Go
  • Inform The Moving Company of Anyone Who is Sick
  • Use Only New Boxes For Packing
  • Cancel Your Move if you are High Risk
  • Plan Accordingly for Travel

On The Road, What Protective Equipment Should I Be Wearing?

While you are driving, it isn’t recommended that you wear your mask. However, if you stop or come into contact with others, a face shield or mask is strongly suggested.

Moving With Children

Plan Accordingly, and make sure they are clean and practice safety measures as well. If possible, have them taken to the new residence separately from the actual move.

Moving With Pets

Introduce them to the new environment. Take them to their new home, give them water, and leave them in a comfortable room with regulated temperature and airflow. This will lower their stress and make the transition easier for both of you.

Advice For Those Who Have Chronic Illnesses

If you are living with a chronic illness, you need to take proper precautions to protect yourself. If it is at all possible to delay your move till safer times, do so. Otherwise, clean, sanitize, face mask, and social distance when appropriate.