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Look like you are planning to move and showing interest in the DIY move or doing some part of it with the aim to save some buck. That is a brilliant idea! Most of the moving companies charge on an hourly basis; hence, the overall moving, even moving with small parts, surge the overall cost, and this is what you don’t want. We understand your concern regarding not only saving money but also do some tasks in advance so that the moving takes less time and smooth.

While you are planning to go for DIY moving, perhaps, you are worried about moving some small items, and among those, mattress to a great extent, becomes quite troublesome to pack as well as move. Taking this issue into consideration, we’ve come up with a compact guide that will you allow you to load your mattress easily without damaging it.

What to Know Before Moving a Mattress?

Before Moving a Mattress

Mattress, undoubtedly, is the most prominent part of your home not because it offers comfort to your body and some advantages but it is something about the lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that the most highlighting benefit of the mattress is it offers required support for your whole body and keeps your spine in a neutral position – no matter if you’re lying on your back, front, or side. You will find various kinds of mattresses at home. The inside and outside materials distinguish one from the other type.

Although mattress materials have a wide range of variations, the production technique, in most cases, remain the same, like one another. However, you cannot take a mattress as a healthy item because it remains quite fragile, or you can say sensitive, unlike any kind of furniture. Know about the mattress you are using will give you an advantage, like you will remain aware of the materials used in it and pack it accordingly.

Equipment Needed for Moving a Mattress

Equipment for Mattress

Although several tricks have been introduced so far in order to relocate your mattress, moving on the top of the car remains the most effective and easiest. To move your mattress on the roof of your vehicle, you need to have some equipment since you are moving your mattress without any professional help.

Here are the equipment you need to have:

  • Thick plastic or mattress bag (sized to fit your mattress)
  • Rope
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Work gloves
  • An extra pair of hands

How to Move Your Mattress

If you are relocating using a big-sized or heavy truck, this technique will be effective and proper. However, you can try this method for moving a mattress using a sedan or Volkswagen. Follow the chronological steps accordingly to avoid any kind of damage and trouble.

Remove your mattress from the bed

The first and foremost thing you have to do is removing your mattress from the bed carefully. Many make some common mistakes like pulling the mattress along, try to push from the other side of the mattress. But, in order to remove your mattress safely, you should take another pair of hands and pull the mattress from the bed together. Hence, it will not be torn.

Pack Your Mattress

Next, wrap your mattress with plastic if possible, use a bubble wrapper or unique mattress bag to take the mattress to the new location without any damage. For instance, it is recommended that you wrap the mattress with a special mattress wrapper at least 3-4 times so that the mattress remains protected from any kind of sensitive materials. Make sure you tapped all the sides of the mattress with extra plastic.

Place the mattress into a mattress bag

Since you have already planned to move your mattress without any kind of professional help, it is essential to purchase or manage a mattress bag prior to starting your mattress packing because this bag has the ability to keep your mattress protected from any kind of damage, whether you are relocating to a short or long distance.

Remove any potential obstacles

If you are done with packing your mattress, you need to make sure that there is no obstacle inside or outside the mattress that may damage it while you are moving. To ensure protection for your mattress, you need to take a look around to find whether there is any obstacle is there or not, and then you can move to the next step.

Lift and carry the mattress correctly

Before your toss your mattress over your vehicle, you will need an extra pair of hand to carry the mattress to your vehicle. Without any kind of help, you might slip the mattress or even tear it.

Carry the mattress to the vehicle

In that case, it is wise to lift the mattress up to your head and carry it slowly to your vehicle. Don’t rush because you, along with your extra hand, may get injured while moving. So it is wise to slowly carry your mattress to the vehicle, and there are various tricks to do that. You can use a puller as well if your mattress is not that big.

Secure it safely in the vehicle

The common mistake that most people make while moving their mattresses without any professional help is they toss their mattress on the vehicle abruptly, which eventually damages the roof of the vehicle and, to some extent, the mattress. Another most important factor that needs to be taken into account is you must ensure that there is enough space to secure one end under the front of your car and enough at the other end to connect the second end under the back of your vehicle. Make sure you use the sturdy rope to tie to taut and that the knots on both ends are secure. Besides, to avoid such an accident, you should slowly toss your mattress on the vehicle, and here you must add an extra pair of hands; otherwise, it may get damaged. Then you should open all the windows except for the driver’s side. Toss one end of the second piece of rope over the mattress’s width. Doing this two or three times will attach the mattress with your car roof tightly and adequately.