furniture movers

When it comes to moving furniture, it is one of the things that will happen during moving. That can cause back pains, especially when moving large and heavy furniture. When you have to move, there are some tips that you should follow to help you when it comes to moving your furniture.

There is much hard work that comes with moving large or heavy furniture. However, there are skills along with patience that is needed to lift heavy items. Often some households have multiple large and heavy items that need to get moved.

Plan Ahead

You can start this process by thinking about the shape, size, and weight of the items. Measure your hallways, stairs, and doorways to help you decide the best way to move the item. You want to make sure that it does not damage anything. You should move the heaviest items first not to spend much time rearranging the moving truck’s furniture.

Remove Attached Parts

When you remove the attached parts of the furniture when dealing with heavy items, it is one way that you can reduce the weight. You can take off cushions and pillows from the chairs and couches and collapse foldable tables to make space in the truck. You can also take out the shelves and drawers. If you cannot remove something, you want to ensure that it will not shift when moving other stuff into the truck. You can use tape to hold it together if it does not come with a lock or latch.

Get Moving Accessories

It would help if you thought about the surface of where the furniture is getting moved from, such as slippery or getting damaged easily. You can easily move these items by purchasing sliders from a local store. Put the sliders under the item and push the item into the position you want it in. There are different options to use, such as dollies, sliders, or furniture lifts, and they can be bought or rented.

Take Furniture Apart Into Small Pieces

When you can break down the furniture into smaller parts, it will help you out in the long run. You can take things like cushions, drawers, knobs, legs, and things like that and move them separately. You can also break down bed frames. You want to make sure that every bolt or screw you remove is bagged and labeled so that you know what it goes to. That usually is something that is done during long-distance, moving through a professional moving company.

Lifting and Beginning to Move Large Furniture

With everything mentioned so far, you understand that there will be much sliding, dragging, and pushing to move heavy furniture instead of lifting it. It will reduce your stress on your back and makes moving easier. However, you cannot drag your furniture downstairs when you need to lift it into the truck. It would be best to think about your safety before you lift anything and before you move large furniture. It is one of the reasons that a professional mover is one thing that gets recommended.

Measure Your Furniture

You have decided to buy the sofa or move to a new home, and you have received help from friends to help you build your ideal apartment. There is always a problem-the sofa cannot go through the front door. You can prevent this from happening by measuring the doors and other house passages before buying new furniture. You can then compare the measured values ​​before making any decisions. If your old furniture is too big, you may rent a storage unit or buy new furniture.

Don’t Bend at the Waist

It is vital that you keep in mind that when you move heavy items, that weight should go on your legs, when you want to distribute the weight evenly, squat at your knees and lift the item without using your back.

Do Not Leave Space Between the Item and Your Body

When you carry heavy furniture, you need to have it close to your body. That helps to keep balance.

Do Not Twist Your Body When Lifting or Carrying

You want to make sure that you are keeping your body firm from one area to another to keep yourself from getting injured. If you need to twist, then ensure that you move your hips first before anything else.

Move Large Furniture Upstairs

A challenging task to deal with is to move heavy furniture on stairs. You should lay the item sideways while pushing them down or up on boards that you are using as ramps. You can also use cardboard or a rug to pull the furniture on the stairs. Make sure to move the items slowly, or you will damage the property, yourself, or the item.

One of the Best Ways to Move Heavy Furniture: Hire A Professional

It is best to hire a professional mover to deal with the moving and lifting of large furniture if you have the money. There are some cases where the company will disassemble and reassemble the furniture in your new home. You will not have to do any part of the job, and all you do is sit back and let them do the work. Make sure to hire a mover early so that the company can get prepared for the move.

Last thoughts

You can save plenty of money if you follow the steps in this guide, as you will not need to hire a professional mover to handle everything for you. It is best to lift with your legs and not twist your body unless you move your hips first. If you do not feel confident in doing this, then hire someone.