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First time moving out of state thrills and makes people blind to future troubles putting rose-colored glasses on their faces. They are looking forward to the new life, making plans, and enjoying the excitement about their expectations. Due to emotional diversity, unfortunately, we are not able to predict all difficulties that will be caused by increased expenses, delays, or losses.

In this article, we are going to review some advice from experienced movers who have planned thousands relocations and succeed.

Best Way to Move Out of State

out of state moving companies

Leaving the state where you are living is a process full of surprises. Some of them are pleasant, but a few of them can upset you if you are not prepared. How to make relocations easy for yourself and family and simply launch a new, better life in another state? Below you can review a moving out of state checklist with some tips on what to do first before changing your life.

First of all, you’ll need to choose a place for living. If the purpose of your moving out of state is a new job offer, carefully learn everything about the recruiter. Then, make a research about the city where you plan to live. You may look at the city forum and government stats about crime, financial level, law, and taxation disparities. After that, you have to create a moving plan.

Come Up With a Strategic Packing Plan

Start preparing for relocation with creating a list of all your belongings that you are going to ship. That will help you get the approximate weight. Furthermore, you’ll have an opportunity to determine which items you no longer need, then sell or give them away to save money on delivery. In addition, packing a long time before transportation will ensure that there will not be any delays that can lead to getting fees from movers.

Budget for Moving and Living Expenses

Get yourself ready to a different financial level. It manifests itself in salary, taxes, prices in supermarkets, and grocery stores. Also, it is impacted by the cost of medical care, education, and property. Therefore, you have to plan ahead your live budget in a new place ahead.

Search for a New Home

First of all, find a new house to live in another state. That will affect all other processes in to your relocation: distance, road taxes. As an option, it will predetermine, rather you need to move your appliances and furniture or not if the new apartment already has it.

Establish Domicile in the New State

Find out the way to validate your license, change billing, and mailing information, and pass it to your lender and an insurance company. It may also occur that you require to change driver’s license at the DMV.

Purchase a Pet License

Check if your pet needs to be registered in a new state. It is important to solve that before moving because deadlines and terms can delay transportation.

Top-10 Best Out of State Moving Companies

Top moving companies

Finding a proper contractor is always not that easy, especially, for the first time. We recommend that you rely on experienced firms that perform moving for more than 5-10 years. That will ensure safety and quick assistance when needed. These are our top 10 out of state movers that have a reputable status at all review-focused platforms:

  1. Authority Moving Group.
  2. Mile High Van Lines.
  3. Safebound Logistics.
  4. Bold Moving and Storage.
  5. Empire Moving Group.
  6. Arpin Van Lines.
  7. Wheaton World Wide Moving.
  8. American Van Lines.
  9. AIRES.
  10. Roadway Moving.

These are our preferenced movers with advanced assistance levels and excellent customer support.

25 Steps to Moving Out of State

Tips for moving out state

To prevent potential issues regarding transportation we recommend starting the process 1-2 months before. Follow the next 25 steps to perform you moving as perfect as possible:

  1. Make at least one trip to your future home state. Spend 2-3 days in a hotel or visit friends to make new connections, visit famous attractions. You may ask for recommendations in hotels or make internet research.
  2. Prepare for financial change. Another state has different taxes, prices on properties and goods, salary. The cost of schools and various services also can differ.
  3. Find a city to live in. Compare a few towns and decide where it is the best place for living according to your travel distance to work. Infrastructure and safety.
  4. Rent or buy an apartment to live in. Planning to move must start from finding a perfect home for you, including all facilities for a comfortable living.
  5. Make sure your employer is waiting for you. Find a job first and meet your employer or make an online meeting. Validate it’s serious intentions, review recommendations before making a decision.
  6. Get a tip on how to transfer and verify your licenses. Different states can have another professional license policy and requirements.
  7. Review crime rates and check your neighbors. That will prepare you for what you can expect from a new place.
  8. Find out about traffic during rush hours, transportation issues and fees.
  9. View your new place on Google Maps to get a feeling of how it is looking like.
  10. Choose a school for children. Better to think about school ahead and register children for classes before moving, because there will be some requirements on documentation and organization moments.
  11. Forward mail. That is important to link new addresses into your bank accounts and subscriptions. Also, install USPS mail forwarding a few days before moving.
  12. Update information with lender and insurance companies.
  13. Make research on the moving industry. Quick analysis can save your money from unpredictable expenses. Also, it will help to find the most suitable solution for relocation regarding your schedule, freight weight, distance.
  14. Compare offers and deals. Usually, the cost of moving out of state ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 and higher. It depends on including extras.
  15. Start packing your stuff beforehand. Pack stuff that you are not using at the current time first and slightly go to all your goods. Typically, packing takes longer and may lead to delay.
  16. You can reduce spendings by decreasing the number of shipping items. Sell, give away, and donate stuff that you are not using for a long time. Trash useless and broken goods with no doubts
  17. Mark packages to find necessary items after delivery. As a rule, transportation takes a long time, so you can forget where you put this or that. So, mark your bags and boxes to facilitate searching for stuff.
  18. Create an inventory list. To prevent loss and spoil, write a list with items that have value. Moreover, if the trucking company gives insurance, it will help to estimate the cost of it.
  19. Schedule a moving date and prepare for it. With a deadline, it is easier to keep in mind the final date and you will instinctively get everything done before it.
  20. Research all listings and pick up the most reputable out of state moving companies. Compare their price rates, conditions, extra services, and customer support level.
  21. Review customers’ ratings about chosen contractors, validate license and eligibility.
  22. Consider which additional assistance you’ll need from a moving contractor: loading, unloading, packing, packaging material, carrying, lifting.
  23. Figure out terms and the final cost of delivery before starting. That’s important to ensure that the price won’t change after transportation.
  24. Check how you can save your budget by self-loading, packing, renting a truck.
  25. Learn carefully conditions and disclaimers about shipping policy of the moving firm. Sign a contract and buy insurance.

How Much will It Cost? How Much to Save?

The total price of interstate transportation depends on distance, freight features, dimensions, and extra service, such as tracking, storage, packing, fast shipping. A professional mover that will pack, load, and drive your belongings has a price range from $3,000 to $5,000 and more. If you can pack and load by yourself, you’ll save up to $1,000. By renting a truck and driving you’ll save another $500-$1,000. Therefore, planning out of state moving beforehand will help you reduce budget you’ll need for your move, find an affordable mover with best services on the market.