Help Your Child

When your child is moving to an out of state college, you want to help them have a smooth transition. Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through, especially when you’re straight out of high school and it’s your first time living on your own in an entirely different place.

Today, we will discuss the 5 best relocation tips so you can help your child move to an out of state college without too much trouble. We will walk you through the basics so you can help your child prepare and have a better transition into this new stage in their lives. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Not if you take precautions and follow the simple tips I’ll be explaining today. Without further ado, let’s get started!

tips Move to College

1. Plan the Relocation in Advance

When it comes to relocation to an out of state college, the last thing you want to do is wing it. Moving long-distance requires you to plan in advance because there’s a lot that goes into it.

Once your child has housing arrangements, you need to determine together the items they’ll need for daily life. If they’re going to be living on campus, the university will provide the basics. Look into it and then determine what’s missing. It’s also a good idea to coordinate with your child’s roommate so you know who brings what furniture and other supplies.

The same goes if your child will be living off-campus. Does the place they’re renting have furniture, appliances, and other supplies? This is why it’s so important to plan in advance. You need enough time to get everything your child needs and find good bargains.

2. Organize and Start Packing

When you have everything you need for the move, it’s time to organize everything and start packing. This can also be done in advance so everything’s ready to go except the things that can be easily packed later on like clothes, toiletries, etc.

When you’re packing, you want to make sure your child’s belongings are well organized to avoid packing things randomly, making it more difficult to unpack. You need to get as many boxes as you need, both small and large, so there’s enough room for everything.

Just make sure you pack things in a way that’s easy to handle once it’s time to load up a car or a moving truck. This brings us to choosing your moving method, which needs to be done wisely!

3. Choose Your Moving Method

When your child is moving to a college out of state, there are many different moving methods to help them get there. It’s important to consider all available options so you can determine which one works best for you. You also want to make sure it’s convenient, fast, and as inexpensive as possible. Let’s discuss the most common moving methods!

  • Do It Yourself. This is the most convenient moving method because you can tailor everything to your needs. You can do this by car or by plane. If you want to do it by car, you need to make sure there’s enough room in your vehicle for everything. It’s recommended you rent a tow-behind trailer for large items. So, make sure you look into it!

If you want to do this by plane, keep in mind there’s a limit to how many bags your children can take with them. This means they’ll have to pack light and the rest of their belongings have to be shipped or bought when they get there.

  • Rent a Moving Truck. This is another convenient option because you’ll have all the space you’ll need for your child’s belongings and you won’t have to cramp everything into your car or rent a tow-behind trailer. Everything will be in one place and you can drive it yourself. Of course, renting a moving truck means you’ll have to pay a daily fee and there will be a mileage limit you need to be aware of. Also, you’ll be doing all the driving and heavy lifting with your child, but this can be worth it if you find a good deal.
  • Moving Container or Pod. This alternative can be even better than renting a moving truck because it’s super easy. All you have to do is load all your items in the moving container and the company will pick up the moving container to then drop it off in the new location. Just make sure your child’s campus or apartment complex doesn’t have regulations against this.
  • Hire Professional Movers. If you want to handle as little work as possible, your best option is to hire professional movers. They will do the driving for you, the cost is proportionate to the size of the move, professionals will handle everything with care, and they will get everything done faster. In fact, there are professional movers who specialize in out of state college moves, which is great!
  • Go for Shipping. Last but not least, you can always ship your child’s belongings ahead of them so all you have to do is drive them and enjoy your last moments with them. With shipping, you don’t have to handle anything yourself and it can be done via bus, train or parcel carrier. Shipping can also allow you to save money because you can ship the essentials and then purchase larger items when you get there.

4. Follow Move-In Day Restrictions

Before you do any of this, you need to be familiar with move-in day restrictions in your child’s college. Make a copy of them and follow them to the letter so you can avoid wasting any time. This will allow you to check-in, get your dorm key, and unpack early so you can do something else together before you part ways.

Moving to an out of state college is not an easy process, but with planning and preparation, it can run super smoothly. Follow these easy tips and you will make it!