Movers For Small Moves

If you are moving to a new home, perhaps into a totally different location from where you currently reside, you might require moving assistance. You might need help with the move, but if such a transition is new to you, you may not be sure where to begin when looking for help in the moving industry. When moving, especially across the country, there are a few important areas of consideration in terms of when you might want to hire a moving company. Let’s discuss a few of them here.

When Should You Hire A Moving Company?

The decision of whether or not you should hire a moving company can be a tough one for many homeowners to make. Many will choose to attempt to move on their own for a variety of reasons, but most commonly for the sake of saving money, hiring a moving company actually has some great upsides.

Long-Distance Versus Local Moves

One of the primary considerations would be simply how far you are moving. Moving locally can likely be done on your own, but moving companies do add the piece of mind insurance and protection that will cover any items that may incur damages or are lost during the moving process. Beyond that, not all items you are moving locally can be easy to transport. For instance, moving companies are beneficial when the move entails loading appliances to more easily deal with the heavier portions of the move.

Many owners moving long distances will actually choose to hire cross-country movers due to the difficult nature of long-range possession transportation. Many companies, known as “van lines” provide a simple solution to these distance intensive moves by getting the moves organized and settled, no matter how far you are moving.

Moving Valuable Or Heavy Objects

Many items need especially careful handling during the move as they are either invaluable to the owner, can be easily damaged, or are heavy enough to cause injury while being loaded or unloaded. Professional movers are experienced at either maneuvering heavy furniture and appliances out of tight spaces, or even disassembling them to fit the parts through doorways, and reassembling them at the final destination.

Movers are also trained to safely and efficiently use specialized equipment to load heavy or valuable belongings, making the cross-country trek to your new residence a much simpler endeavor.

Rush Deliveries

Some moves are on a timeline, needing to be completed quickly. Hiring a movie company can simplify and expedite time-sensitive moves. Things tend to go wrong, especially when the clock is ticking, making cross-country moves especially challenging.

A moving company hires a team of highly trained and vastly experienced professional movers that can pack up all of your possessions and quickly deliver them to your new home. They handle many moves and are therefore perfectly equipped to assist you in staying on track and help to avoid problems inducing frustrations.

Why Should You Hire Cross-Country Movers?

Saving Time

Think about how much effort goes into packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then unpacking your belongings. Working with a professional moving company alleviates you of the stress of preparing and transporting your belongings on your own.

Movers offer services that include packing up your belongings, disassembling them as needed, transporting them, bringing them into your new residence, and unpacking; everything that would be your responsibility if you moved alone. With the assistance of the right moving company, you will barely have to do anything for the move.

Less Stress

A cross-country move usually means big life changes. This is already a heavy emotional burden that leads to challenges related to performing many errands and tasks. The stress of dealing with such a complicated move by yourself is only compounding an already difficult situation.

A benefit of hiring moving professionals is that their presence and assistance alleviates some level of this stress by having them handle the toughest parts of the moving process. That leaves you more bandwidth and energy to keep your mind straight and effectively handle all of the other move-related aspects.


Professional movers make the three primary components of a move easier. These three components are the preparation, loading, and unloading of your possessions. By working with professional movers, each step of the process is less draining and safer. While the movers do the heavy lifting and figure out the packing logistics, you can deal with the more important details of your trip.


Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions that might interest homeowners and help clarify more aspects of moving companies.

What Moving Fees Are Involved?

Different moving companies approach the collection of fees in different ways. You should do some research before handling a moving company and get the details about what you will be charged for the move. Many moving companies will issue a free quote for their company assisting you with your move and that information can be used to compare different moving companies to figure out which quote is the best fit for your particular needs and budget. Here are a few typical fees to consider when working with a moving company.

Guaranteed Arrival

The timeframe for deliveries will vary from one moving company to another. Some companies may have a time frame of a month. That will likely have you worrying about where your possessions are, as you will be powerless to expedite their delivery. You can however typically pay extra for a guaranteed delivery date.

Long Carry Fees

When movers need to navigate a longer than the normal distance to move items between your home and the transportation vehicle, long carry fees could be incurred.

Flight/Elevator Charges

Moving companies typically charge for every flight of stairs the movers need to descend or ascend to bring your possession down to the vehicle or up to your new residence. If they do not need to use stairs due to the presence of an elevator, you could still incur an elevator fee.

Appliance Charge

When movers must carry heavy appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, moving companies will apply appliance charges as well. The movers can remove the appliances from the original location and reinstall them in the new residence once they have arrived.

Storage In Transit

Delays during the move can end up being quite costly, but if delivery is made too early (something not typically in your control), and the new home is not ready, your possessions will need to be stored, potentially for days. This storage will incur SITs (Storage In Transit) fees by the moving company.

Should I Move My Own Items?

There are upsides and downsides to moving your items on your own, especially as it pertains to insurance purposes. Moving companies offer insurance on the items (in many cases partially) depending on their weight and according to the specific policies of the particular moving company. If something goes wrong, the items would be replaced or repaired for you with minimal hassle.

When you move your possessions yourself, you are vulnerable to incurring damages, sustaining injuries, and having accidents, all of which complicate the moving process by costing you money and time. While small moves can be done successfully without a moving company’s assistance, using professional movers is a good way to err on the side of caution.

Being able to judge when it is beneficial to use professional movers is an essential way to simplify and reduce the hassles of the experience of moving to your new home. There are a lot of great moving company options that offer you options to get as little or as much moving assistance as you require.