When you are moving across the United States, you likely are worried about the costs that are involved with it. To be honest, it can get expensive. With the packing services, moving services, travel costs, and all the extra costs that come with it, you could be looking at a pretty expensive trip. The average cost of relocating long distances is just under $5,000; that is a lot of money if you are not prepared. That is why it is important to save early and plan ahead for your move before you jump right in and go broke.

Moving Calculator

Moving Cost Calculator Updated Pricing 2020

With a moving cost calculator, you are able to get estimates on how much it will cost to relocate across the country. Calculators don’t just sit at the same price range and give out random estimates. They actually give you the current costs of moving great distances (or short distances). Usually, these estimates are updated to match the average price of what a move will cost. Make sure you are using a calculator when you are planning out a move in the future; that way, you have a good example of what to expect. Always save 10-20% more than the estimated cost.

Average Relocation Cost

As stated above, the average relocation cost for moving across the U.S is around $5,000; shorter distances usually amount to about $2,000. It is important that you know what services you need and requests estimates from several different companies before settling on just any mover/packer.

What Is The Average Cost of a “Do-It-Yourself” Move?

If you are thinking about moving yourself for the cheaper costs, you could be stressing yourself out more than you really need to. A DIY move can still be quite costly. You have to account for several factors, such as:

  • Packing/Moving Supplies
  • Moving Containers
  • Gas Prices
  • Moving Van/Truck
  • Moving Equipment Rentals
  • Travel Costs (Hotel Stays/Food)
  • Moving Assistance (If Necessary)

Relocation Costs

How Are Relocation Costs Calculated?

Just like a DIY move, there are several factors taken into consideration when you are planning to relocate across the U.S. These costs are calculated off these factors:

  • Moving & Transportation
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Moving Insurance
  • Storage Costs
  • Customs Duty Charges & Taxes
  • Visa Fees (When Applicable)

Moving & Transportation Costs

Moving and transportation costs refers to how much it will be to relocate across the U.S and the transportation of your belongings to your destination

Packing & Unpacking Costs

Packing & Unpacking costs can be quite cheap, or they can be fairly expensive. The actual cost of these services all depends on how much you are taking with you and the company that you use for these services.

Moving Insurance Costs

Moving insurance costs are often not calculated because many people forget that insurance is important for any move, long-distance or short. Most moving companies are able to offer you insurance, if not recommend insurance services to you.

Storage Costs

There are a couple types of storage costs. Storage for your extra baggage that isn’t being directly moved into your new destination, and overnight (or multiple days) storage. It is best to inquire about these costs before your move; that way, you are able to budget accordingly for the relocation you are about to undergo.

Customs Duty Charges & Taxes

The customs duty is a tariff that is imposed on goods that are being transported across international borders. The reason for this tax is to offer protection to the country’s economy, jobs, environment, and residents. It offers protection by controlling the travel of goods being moved.

pay Visa

Visa Fees

If you are coming from out of the country, you may have to worry about visa fees. You need to keep these fees in mind when you are undergoing a relocation across the U.S. The lawyer for immigration ranges up to $4,000. However, if you have a deportation issue, you could be facing upwards of $10,000.

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

As a customer, you generally have several responsibilities that you must follow through with, such as:

  • Reading Broker/Mover Documents
  • Being Available for Pickup and Delivery of Your Belongings
  • Notifying Your Mover of Changes Regarding Shipment
  • Making Prompt Payments
  • Promptly Filing Claims for Damages, Loss of Belongings, and Moving Delays

As a customer, you have the right to track your belongings and progress of the move. You have the right to ensure your belongings. Study up on what rights you have as a client for any move.

International Moving Cost Estimates

Moving internationally can be much more costly than just moving from one state to the next. On top of the normal costs of moving, you have to account for the price of Visas, customs, and other factors that are involved. It is important that you get estimates for every aspect of the move so you can budget and save accordingly.

How To Pack For An International Move

Make sure you have all your boxes labeled with the destination of your new residence. Always secure your valuables properly, using newspapers, packing popcorn, bubble wrap, and other safety measures to ensure the safe transportation of your belongings.

How To Find The Best international Mover

The best way to locate an international mover that is most suited for your needs is to shop around. Do your research and ensure that the companies you are choosing from are licensed and credible.

How To Estimate The Cost Of International Moving

The best way to estimate this cost is to add up all the factors in moving internationally. You need to know this cost so you can accurately budget and save. An estimation calculator is your best option to get an accurate average price.

Factors that Determine International Moving Costs

Here are the factors you should account for when moving internationally:

  • Shipping Household Belongings
  • Shipping Vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Customs Duty Charges and Taxes
  • Storage Costs
  • Visa Fees
  • Travel Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Another Country?

International moving costs can reach and exceed $10,000. If you are moving overseas, you will see a greater cost amount. Moving to another country has a varying cost based on many factors that are listed above. Make sure your budget is realistic, and you save months if not years in advance.