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To perform your relocation in the best way you should care not only about the cheapest way but also about hiring a professional and trusted carrier. Let’s say you are going to select long distance moving companies for the first time. Probably, you do not have enough experience to rely only on your inner feelings in picking trucking firms that appear first on Google Search. Therefore, we advise you to examine carefully our testimonials and start to cooperate with the best long distance movers. This article below provides full information, reviews, and contact data about worthful carriers in the United States, that are checked by deed and time.

We are starting with the guide of Top Rated Long Distance Moving Companies:

  1. International Van Lines. The growing popularity of this firm guarantees it’s advanced assistance on each stage of your relocation. There are only high-rated recommendations on their official pages. They specialize on long trips that make the logistics firm an ideal choice for your case.
  2. American Van Lines. You’ll never find any complaints about the client’s assistance from this transportation company. They have been trusted for years by Americans who wish to deliver their valuable stuff from even across the whole country. This carrier won a lot of awards that can prove their proficiency.
  3. Allied Van Lines. The firm is almost one century in business. Within this time they build an advanced operating model to manage your relocation on the highest level. Now it is one of the best solutions for both commercial and residential moving.
  4. North American Van Lines. Well-known among all long distance movers thanks to affordable price policy, broad operation cover, high quality of assistance, and extra services. You will enjoy the simplicity of cooperation.
  5. PODS. Award-winning confident leader in the transportation sphere. The company ensures that their customers will never lose their belongings or have delays. Friendly customer support and a wide range of extra facilities.
  6. Moving APT. Rapidly increasing business in the logistics industry. After 10 years of operation they conquer clients faith that is proven by 5-stars rates on Google. Not only this. In 2013 they became named as the most trusted long distance movers in the USA. Without a doubt thousands of people handle this firms relocation.
  7. Northern Moving Systems. Never get in trouble with a competent firm. By giving your transit to its hands clients are making the process harmless and saving time. No matter if it is corporate or home relocation they will perform the best of both.
  8. Dedicated Van Lines. No limits of implementing your bravest plan of long-distance transportation. Operating since 1992 now they provide high-quality service together with additional facilities that are saving both money and time.
  9. iMoving. You should never care about if it is a town to town travel or trans-continental transit, they will perform both perfectly well. Impressive number of employees, offices and vehicles allow you to schedule any time and distance.
  10. Pricing Van Lines. Absolutely painless cooperation is assured during communication with this firm. Some customers even enjoy that and continue to request their help years after the first approach.
  11. Atlas Van Lines. Forgot about the hustle and bustle accompanying the transportation. With this mover you’ll have the possibility to relax and let the specialists make any additional service for you, starting at packing to unloading items.
  12. United Van Lines. Still don’t know anything about excellent client-oriented system? Contact UVL to see what happens when professionals get to the work. You may choose different options of assistance, but will be satisfied anyway. They even offering to utilize garbage after you move in and unpack.
  13. Two Men and a Truck. A plain brand name hides the idea of a business that really cares about customer comfort. Testimonials on their web-page shows how intelligent assistance increases loyalty.
  14. U-Pack. Meet your rescue from moving chaos. That trucking firm has the capability to relocate home or office for any distance without struggles. They create acceptable price policy and high-rated performance of service.
  15. Mayflower. Transportation company with a romantic history of establishment. A lot of surveys say that it is the most reliable firm in the US. Of course, to hold this level they care about every single customer. That is a warranty for the ultimate service.
  16. Wheaton World Wide Moving. Often takes one of the first places in different listings related to top long distance movers. Therefore, we are not only one platform that trusts them. Begin to use the company’s skills to get amazingly simple and fast relocation.
  17. Madison Van Lines. Dozen years of customer trust ensure that your shipping will be safe and in time. Prefer advance service to family-owned one-day firms.
  18. Alliance. Once you select this contractor to handle your moving you’ll enjoy the proficiency level of their operating system. Never get lost or mess doing relocation, always tracked and saved.
  19. Rolls Van Lines. Hire not only a mover, but an advanced helper for your transportation. They will accommodate you with all facilities that are usually needed for comfort.
  20. Affordable Movers. Never regret the choice you made picking up this company among a whole diversity of cheap long distance moving companies. Because not only the price affects the accomplishment after finishing relocation but also top-level assistance.

Compare Top Moving Company Reviews

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We have just reviewed all top-rated firms that provide custom logistic assistance. To summarize, most of the best long distance moving companies deservedly got high-rated reviews on their websites and feedback platform. Before hiring a contractor we recommend to make a short research about how different people rate their work in social media, Google Maps, Quora, Yelp. If a company really cares about reputation and provides customer care, you’ll see that they respond to testimonials, give advice and try to solve concerns. If you see that the most part of the review has 1-2 stars, but thanks to few rates with 5 stars, they earn an average rate about 4-5 stars, do not trust it, Probably, those are not genuine ones.

What is Long Distance Move and How Much does it Cost?

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Of course, there is no other definition for this term, it includes a lot of different operations that build one complicated process. In short, long-distance moving is a transportation of furniture, appliances from one part of the country to another. More often it is a transit from West to East Coast or from north to south and opposite. Unlike interstate or town to town transit, top long distance movers have more troubles to resolve, including taxes, fees, road tolls. In total, moving processes can cost in the range from $3,000 to $10,000 and more. Approximate price depends on which additional services are required.

For example, packing, supply of packing material, storage, loading and unloading, assembling furniture, and appliances. Also, some companies offer collecting garbage, tracking, site visit before scheduling, and insurance for your freight. The estimate prices are:

#Home sizeDistanceDistanceFull service moving
11 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles
New York-Chicago
New York-California
22 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles
New York-Chicago
New York-California
33 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles
New York-Chicago
New York-California

If you want to save money, we recommend the following. First, start packing 3-4 weeks before. In this case you’ll have time to donate, sell or trash clothes, books and other things you no longer need or did not use for a long time. Therefore, you’ll save the budget on your freight’s weight. Second, pack belongings by yourself. Also, try to load and unload truck with family members and friends. All together it will save $1,000-$2,000.

Long Distance Moving Tips

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Planning to change city or even country, make everything prepared beforehand. Assure that you rented a place, transfer all documentation. Besides of hiring top rated long distance movers, make yourself confident everything else is ready:

  1. Make a research about your future home place. Meet neighbors, check commute and traffic features.
  2. Transfer billing and mailing address.
  3. Find out more about law, taxes, finance differences.
  4. Register children for classes in a school.
  5. Check your new apartment for furniture and appliances: either you need to transport it or not, does it fit?
  6. Trash items to prevent money spent on things you no longer need.
  7. Create an inventory list.
  8. Mark your boxes to simplify finding your belongings in the moving mess.

Those few steps will ensure you complete moving troubles and keep it fit to family budget,

Long Distance Moving Checklist

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Before booking and loading truck, there is also required to perform important actions that will predict loss, damages, and delays in your shipping, such as:

  1. Get estimates from 5-6 various logistic firms – it will help to select the most profitable deal.
  2. Invite representatives to walk through an apartment or house. After it, you’ll get a more accurate price.
  3. Verify licenses, awards and certifications.
  4. Read testimonials.
  5. Do not agree to pay in front. Make a deposit only.

The chosen contractor estimates the price based on the given data. Therefore, you must provide an address of picking up and destination address, total freight weight and dimensions plus extra services.

How Much Tip Long Distance Movers?

Normally, there is no certain amount of tips. Some surveys show that people usually give 10-12% from moving costs per mover per day. So, it might be a flat rate between $20-$40 for each mover. But remember, that decision about tipping is up to you only.