Tips of Discounts movers

Do moving companies offer discounts? Get to know all of your discount options! How do you get moving discounts? We’re here to help you get all the hidden and not-so-hidden discounts on moving services.

Moving is expensive.

If you’re moving or if you’ve ever moved before, you know about all of the hidden costs and fees associated with calling a new place home. Saving money everywhere you can is critical after you’ve already emptied your pockets for down payments and furniture!

The graduate department of Claremont University did a study which proved that using coupons make us just as happy as having a good talk with a friend. Discounts can relieve a huge financial burden and when they’re added up, a little bit goes a long way!

We’ve compiled a list of the best moving discounts out there. This is your one-stop shop, so let’s dive in!

Tips to Ensure You Secure Your Discount

To ensure that your discount has been applied, always make sure to check your final total. Computers glitch and people forget, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your discount has been secured!

Check to Ensure That You Meet the Conditions

It’s important to read the fine print within any discount offer. Double-checking to ensure that the discount applies to you is the first step in redeeming! Most companies will ask for proof for discounts that are for occupations like teachers, healthcare workers, military, etc. Have your I.D. ready, but also remember the rules of your organization if asked to upload anything online.

Never Be Afraid to Ask

It never hurts to ask about a discount, so don’t be shy!

Many companies have discounts that aren’t advertised so inquire with the manager when you get to any business. Most places have programs in place for seniors, front-line workers, and military personnel so if you fit in one of these categories you should be asking everywhere you go! Even college students can get discounts in most places.

Look out for Scams

There are a lot of scams on the internet. Protect yourself and your identity by always being hesitant to upload any identifying documents online.

Always work with reputable or verifiable moving companies.

Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a business is offering you a price that is substantially lower than every other one in the area, odds are it is a scam. A good deal is a good deal, but anyone that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than their competition is more than likely not a real business.

Use Discounts to Get Discounts

Get quotes from businesses and ask them to include the discounts they’re willing to offer. When shopping around, present other businesses with these quotes! Many places will offer discounts to remain relevant among the competition.

Get an App to Help

It can be very overwhelming trying to find and compare discounts between businesses. An app can be a great tool to assist!

The app is a great resource! They have discount coupons for almost anything in the world, including moving services and supplies.

Military Discounts

Whether you’re P.C.Sing or moving back home for good, it never gets more fun or cheaper! Luckily, most companies give military discounts to both active duty and veterans. Thank you for your service!

Here are a few examples.

Penske Thanks Military Veterans for Their Service

Penske Truck Rental offers discounts to military veterans who want to hire a truck for a move. Members of the military can use the code MILITARY* to get a 10% discount. The company also has a special contact for military members at each Penske call center for do-it-yourself moves. The toll-free number is 1-844-4TROOPS (1-844-487-6677).

Hundreds of Military Shipping and Storage Discounts

The website offers a list of discounts for service members that was last updated in 2020. It has hundreds of discounts and is a great resource.

One of the best discounts on the site is their Budget Truck Rental code, which gives you 20% off of your truck rental if you use the code USMIO.

The Dealhack Military & Veteran Discounts Guide

The Dealhack Military & Veteran Discounts Guide independently verifies the validity of every discount they place on their site, making it a stress-free (and scam-free) resource!

PODS Serving the Men and Women Who Serve Our Country

PODS Moving Services provides 10% PODS military discount. To obtain this discount, you can call (866) 556-9574 or use the promo code SERV10.


Teachers, you deal with our children. Let us relieve a little bit of stress from your life!

Many different companies provide discounts to thank those educating our population.

Car and Truck Rental Companies Recognize Teachers

Budget Truck Rental offers a 20% discount on local moves and a 15% discount on one-way moves for U.S. teachers. Use the code “TEACH” to grab this deal!

E-Z Rent-A-Car: Teachers AND school faculty and employees can enjoy a 10% discount code by inputting “827B9” at checkout. (Source).

Union Members

Labor unions are all about fair wages, so it only makes sense that businesses provide them with discounts to further extend their income!

Budget Truck Rental’s Whole Moving Package

Budget Truck Rental provides up to 20% off any of their moving services. The discount covers a range of moving services, including a wide selection of easy-to-drive trucks, 24/7 roadside assistance, moving kits, boxes, and moving supplies, car carriers and towing, and optional insurance plans.

College Students

College students notoriously broke and notoriously moving every nine months.

Sites like lay out a bunch of different discounts available to college students.

Here are a few more examples.

Travel and Transportation Discounts lists 60 incredible college student discounts.

Here are some of the best discounts listed on the site.

The Student Advantage Discount Card, which could save you up to 10% of your move on bus coaches like Greyhound. The Coach USA discounts page is another great resource for bus discount codes.

U-Haul’s 30 Day Free Self-Storage

U-Haul started offering free 30 days self-storage service for any student that had to move in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

They even extended it to allow students to use the company’s moving and storage containers!

Car Rentals

Enterprise also responded to the COVID pandemic and provided discounts to college students trying to move home. families.

They were waving rental fees for all of their vehicles until May 31, 2020. Though this deal has ended, it proves that they are willing to help out. Contact your local Enterprise to see what sort of deal they can offer you to help since we are still in the pandemic.


You’ve worked your entire life, let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Here are a few companies that provide discounts for seniors looking to move. Recognizes an Important Generation has a message for all of the seniors out there, “time to recognize how important your generation was to the creation and preservation of our company. After all, it was your generation who made the brave sacrifices for the better good of our country

Putting their money where their mouth is, they’re proud to offer a 5% discount to anyone over the age of 50 for a local move. For long-distance moves, their New Beginnings Program provides a 10-30% discount on hotel rooms and other services to make the transition easier. Check out what else you can get from this program here.

The Unemployed

COVID has hit many of us hard and if you’ve lost your job as a result, you may have to move back home. Several companies are willing to help provide discount codes to cushion the blow, so you can save as much money as possible and get back on your feet.

Get $50 off at Public Storage Inc.

Public Storage Inc. offers a $50 discount to laid-off professional workers.

It never hurts to ask companies about discount programs. Sometimes being vulnerable and transparent is the best way to go, so talk to companies to see if they can assist due to your situation!

Membership Discounts

Loyalty programs are one of the easiest ways to get coupon codes, especially if you have to move a lot! Always say “yes!” to a free membership program.

Updater is Connecting Movers to Deals

Download the Updater app and join what the app developers say are “millions of happy movers who saved money, time, and effort.” They can help you save an average of $325 on your move!

The app helps you to navigate discounts like truck rentals, self-service storage, boxes, removal, packing, unpacking, etc.!

A little bit goes a long way, so never be afraid to inquire about a discount! Use your money for what you want and save it where you can.