One of the cheapest ways for you to move will be renting a moving truck, pack up your home, and then move it to your new home. However, you can also end up spending a lot when you go through a cost-effective option.

Once you have figured out the truck’s cost, food, gas, insurance, mileage, and other expenses, you could find that the bill is higher than you wanted it to be.

Luckily, there are some ways that you can save money for a moving truck rental. The tips below can help you if you want to move in the cheapest way possible.

Throw Out What You Don’t Need

Throw Out things

When you move fewer items, then you can rent a smaller truck. The cost of a large truck is expensive, so when you reduce the amount of stuff you have, you can save money, and it is much easier to do.

Weight is one thing that can affect gas mileage, so when you have less stuff, you are reducing the money you spend at gas stations.

When you plan to move, ensure that you inventory your items and pick the ones you need and what needs to be thrown out.

The Timing Matters

The Timing Matters

Many moving companies are predictable when it comes to working obligations and traditional leases at the end of the month. Trucks are needed for the last weekend of each month.

Many moving companies get that, and similar to airlines that charge more for weekend tickets, most moving companies will charge more for the end of the month, weekends and holidays.

If you can move at any time or have multiple moving dates, you could get a discount. Reputable moving companies will sometimes post about discounts for midweek rentals in brochures and websites.

Get The Right Sized Truck

 Right Sized Truck

The cost of moving trucks will vary based on their size. The larger the truck, the higher the cost. If you rent a bigger truck than what you need, you will pay extra fees for any unused space left in the truck. The right sized truck will be based on your furniture size, how many boxes you need, and how many rooms you are moving.

If you live in a studio apartment, then you could need the smallest size truck. For each bedroom that you have, you may need to rent a larger truck.

Get Quotes from Multiple Rental Truck Providers

Every mover will charge different amounts for the same service. If you get a single quote, then you could end up paying more than you need to. It is one reason you should get quotes from multiple companies before you settle on one to rent from.

You will know the deal that you get if you have multiple quotes from different companies.

Look for Discounts

You can save money with promotional discounts, and they are something to be used in the moving industry. There are plenty of discounts for specific locations, students, military personnel, and even seniors, but then there are some for everyone.

Each company will have discount information on their website, so check to see if you qualify for one. If you don’t see a discount, then ask a representative when you call for a quote.

Advance Bookings

When you wait until the last moment to book a truck, it can cause you to not get the size you need and end up with an oversized truck.

In the end, that can cost you money, but then there will be added space in the truck, and that can allow stuff to move around, which increases the chance for your items to be damaged.

Inspect The Truck at Pick-Up

When you pick up your rental truck, make sure to inspect the truck and note any damage you see. It is essential that you note every scratch, scrape, and dent, no matter the size.

The rental company may assume that you caused unnoted damage, which means you are liable for the damage.

To keep that from happening, inspect the truck with another person to ensure that all details are paid attention to. It will make the process faster, and it can save you money in the long run.

Return The Truck On Time

If you are moving to another state or in town, you should return the truck before or on time to not get charged a late fee, which increases your cost. The main reason to rent a moving truck is to save you money, so make sure to turn it in on time to save your money.

What is Cheaper? Round-trip or One-Way?

What situation is will determine the answer. For a long-distance move, a one-way truck rental is going to be cheaper than a round-trip. If you rent a 20-foot U-haul truck and move from Chicago to Indianapolis, then it would cost you around $270 based on the online estimate. That is a two-day rental and around 230 miles.

If you rent the truck for a round trip, then the cost is closer to $700. That means you are being charged for the miles on the return trip, and that means that the whole trip would be around 460 miles, and you could need additional days.

If you have a shorter move, then for around $40 miles, a one-way rental would be $230. But if it is a round trip, it would only be $150. If you move a short distance, make sure you get a quote for both options to find the cheapest. You could also save money when you change the date of the move.