Tips to Reduce Your Cross-country or Interstate Moving Bill

3,000 000 people travel across the country and move their homes to improve living or business, to take advantage of good education or outstanding work opportunities. Taking decision about relocation, you will sure to face rush, worries and strenuousness, especially traveling far away.

Moving locally, between states or cross-country, you perform similar activities but pay different amounts. Below we propose some tips to plan financially a long distance move. We will describe cost-sensitive interstate move features.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Long Distance?

Planning 7-8 weeks ahead the moving journey, is vital for maintaining health and reduce bills. Prepare two lists: a long distance move checklist stating to-do items and a list of relocation operators for necessary budget estimation and affordable way of travel selection.

Try to address 3 to 4 moving experts. Ask them to provide a moving cost estimate. Three basic factors influence the resulting estimation:

  • distance;
  • goods’ weight (apartment size);
  • supplementary services.

You may be charged some amount, as the moving experts have to come, check and count your property themselves.

Finally, either a fixed (binding) or a flexible (non-binding) estimate will be drafted. The first calculation is a flat rate long distance movers ask you to pay or a maximum amount; a non-binding estimate may be reviewed after travel has been completed.

Average Moving Costs

Similar goods or household items have the same weight. So we obtain the following figures of 1,000 miles’ move:

  • a studio apartment weighting 1,800-2,000 lb costs $1,500;
  • a one-bedroom apartment weighting 2,500 to 3,500 lb costs $1,800-$2,500;
  • a two-bedroom apartment weighting 5,000 to 6,000 lb costs $3,500-$4,200.

These Costs Are Average, And Depend On Many Factors.

Relocation for a longer distance (e.g., a starting point is San Diego, a final point is Washington, DC) may reach the amount of $10,000 (a three-bedroom apartment with additional services rendered).

Additional Moving Costs

During movers negotiations, experts propose their add-ons, rather expensive additional services:

1. packing and unpacking your belongings;

2. carrying the load for a distance exceeding 75 feet (if closer truck parking is not possible);

3. handling big and bulky items;

4. disconnecting electronic appliances;

5. carrying the load through additional flight of stairs (if there is no elevator reserved);

6. storing your possessions for some days;

7. additional stops on the route (if some goods are needed to be picked up from different places);

8. cleaning services, etc.

These services are usually calculated by multiplying the time spent by the price of a labor hour. So the final sum may differ for various companies and states according to labor hour cost.

An in-house estimate is charged extra money.

How Much Does Valuation Coverage Cost?

Valuation coverage for your heirlooms or works of art depend on the insurance type. Average big distance move protection is $0.6 per one pound of possessions. This is a standard liability provided by a mover. It is possible ask for a full value insurance for your household. A third party may supply it. Goods damage or their loss occur frequently during interstate and cross-county moves. It is quite clear that the amount of your final bill will be higher.

Approximately 4,000 travelers are facing cheat or fraud from the moving companies annually. The liability provided by third party diminishes emergency situations consequences. Avoid entrusting your property to moving companies, if they:

  • offer for contacting a cell phone and provide no any other address details;
  • ask for cash payments in advance;
  • do not provide written relocation estimate;
  • offer to sign a blank contract without exact figures and costs.

How Much To Tip Movers Long Distance?

Tips may demonstrate gratitude to relocation professionals, but they increase your budget. However, tips are not mandatory. If you are grateful to your movers, appreciate their job with some cash bills. It is not easy to calculate tips for a cross-country move. Unlike a local move, it cannot be counted as 20% tip or 10%, as it is a big amount of money for $8,000-$10,000 total move cost. We would suggest tipping movers long distance on a daily basis per person, let’s say, $20 -$40 on average. E.g. two teams for 2 locations, 4 persons in each team, having performed the job during a day, may be tipped by $160 – $320 amount, increasing it in case of any difficulties (bad weather, carrying a long distance, lifting a bulky load). A truck driver may be tipped. But long distance movers frequently invite other transportation companies and hire truck drivers. Drivers’ wages is quite good, as a rule.

Tips To Cut Spending On The Interstate Move

tips for the interstate move

Moving out of state implies longer distance comparing to a relocation locally. Consequently, costs are higher due to increased route length.

How To Calculate Moving Costs

A 2-bedroom household of 6,500 lb move costs: 

  • $1,020 for a local move;
  • $4,500 within 1,000 miles;
  • $6,800 within 1,500 – 2,000 miles (e.g., from San Diego to Washington, DC).

This price is not flat and subject to amendments either for higher or lower.

So what are the factors, which may influence the total estimate of long distance move?

Factors that Affect Your Moving Cost

1. Date. Remember that moving services are of high demand: 

  • late spring to late autumn period, 
  • on weekends, 
  • start of months dates. 

Moving companies used to making their prices higher up to 20 percent. Transfer your journey for lower demand period. It will shorten money spending.

2. Refusing possessions. Goods weight influences the moving price for long distance. Check thoroughly all possessions prior the journey, trash, present, put on consignment or sale items you do not need. Offer bulky goods to coming owners (landlord).

3. There are substances, prohibited to relocate, which a moving company refuses to move (poisons, chemicals, etc.). So make use of them prior the move.

4. Wrapping materials supplied by moving professionals will be extra charged. Visit stores near you, collect sturdy boxes, cardboard from them. It is free. Purchase other supplies on sales-out. Your old sheets or towels may be handy for transportation of the fragile items with uneven edges.

5. Moving interstate implies possibility of regulations, which differ from your current state. Try to find out information about any permits, prohibited loads (i.e. weapons), fees, etc. to avoid penalties and additional money spending. The full value insurance is demanded for interstate move. Your service provider or third party should offer it.

What Is The Best Cross-Country Moving Company?

To entrust your possessions and money to a mover, he should be professional and trustworthy. So invest your time and some budget to make your correct choice.

By requesting movers, try to find out the following:

  1. 3 – 4 moving quotations;
  2. Are long distance moving estimates binding or non-binding?
  3. Is basic insurance of $0.6 per pound included in company’s services? Is Full Value protection supplied and its cost?
  4. Transportation. Does the company provide a load tracking? Will the goods be shipped without reload?
  5. Are there any charges for add-ons?
  6. What is mover’s responsibility in emergency cases, when goods are lost or broken, relocation cancellation, etc.?

Long Distance Moving Options To Decrease Costs

Full service professionals are very convenient to hire. It is timesaving, necessary papers will be provided properly. But, it is not cheap.

Below we highlight more tools to transfer your household long distance. They imply spending your time, involving your friends or relatives. Portable moving container rental or long distance moving truck rental are affordable and less pricey.

1. Portable moving container rental has become popular recently. Such operators as PODS, U-Haul, etc. are worth mentioning due to their convenience and price. It is possible to make an interstate move for only one fourth of full service provider’s cost, i.e. $4,500 for three-bedroom long distance move.

Factors, influencing exact price, – container dimensions, rent time. The company supplying containers will drop an item in your place, and then will pick it up after you pack it with your possession. Within certain agreed time, the goods are transferred to the new house.

2. Selecting a reliable truck rental and self-move. This will cut thousand dollars of your bill. Your cross-country travel may cost total $3,000 with DIY move by rented truck. Reputable companies as Budget may provide you with 26’ truck capable to relocate a three-bedroom household. To estimate the expenses the following factors should be considered:

  • insurance – $150 (approximately);
  • fuel (gas/diesel). 100 gallons per 1,000 miles, $4 per gallon makes $400 total;
  • hotel expenses will amount $100 and higher per person per night. Be aware that at least one night should be spent in the hotel during 1,500 miles trip.

Both cost saving variants mean that you perform all additional moving operations yourself. Try to call for help among your friends or relatives at least on one of the moving point for loading, packing, labeling, selecting, disposing and cleaning purpose. Otherwise, you may order professionals from moving services for loading the goods. Their price is quite reasonable, is calculated on hourly basis and amount up to $30 per person. Keep in mind that professionals’ travel time is also payable.

More Tools to Help Financially Plan for a Move

Special offers, discounts, tax deduction may become also your financial tools to cut your relocation bill. This is one more option for money saving during the move. Travel and moving expenses excluding meals are tax-deductible, as well as the cost of donated items. Check it with your accountant if you travel with the aim of studying, working, military service.

An interstate move have many features affecting the price. There will not be 2 similar relocation estimates even for the same distance and the same amount of household. Trying to assess the cost of the move, you may use an online cross-country moving cost calculator. Still, the best and the most precise way to draft a moving budget is to order in-house moving company estimation.

Best long distance moving companies in the USA

moving companies in the USA

Here is a list of TOP-8 highest rated long distance moving companies rendering moving services locally and cross-country.

  1. Best Interstate Moving & Storage        
  2. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services  
  3. International Van Lines 
  4. Allied Agent For Allied Van Lines
  5. North-American Moving Services
  6. Best Cross Country Movers
  7. Trinity Relocation Group
  8. Expedia Van Lines

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