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Moving across the country is definitely an exciting experience but it also could be stressful when it comes to planning and estimating moving expenses. Cross country moving cost estimates could be complicated so it is important to understand the process of calculating the average moving cost in order to be able to budget those expenses beforehand. Here are the tips that will help you plan your finances and avoid bad surprises on a moving day and make your move less stressful.

Start planning your move immediately

First of all, it is essential to plan your move as early as possible, a few weeks prior to a big day. The main goal is to save on the bill and keep your belongings protected. Make sure you write down a list of what needs to be done and a list of movers to hire. This will help you start off with your moving project and estimate moving costs as precisely as possible.

Save time and money on your move

In addition, keep in mind the time when the movers are in high demand because it directly affects your moving cost. Moving services are usually more expensive on weekends, start of month dates and during summer time through late fall, so try to pick your moving date on a less busy season. Also, for long distances movers charge by weight so you could go through your possessions and let go of the things and furniture you don’t need. Once you pick your moving company ask them if there are any restrictions on substances that are prohibited to relocate and check whether they offer moving supplies such as wrapping plastic, boxes, etc. It might be cheaper to get them at your local store. It is also recommended to confirm with the company you’re hiring whether tolls and any other fees are already included in the bill.

Choose from a large network of moving companies

As it has been mentioned earlier in the article, make a list of moving companies beforehand. The more time you have the bigger the chances are to hire a reliable and trustworthy mover at a reasonable price.

What should I consider before hiring a moving company?

It is better to narrow down your list to 3-4 companies of professional movers and get their quotes in order to compare the moving cost estimates. There are few key moments to consider when choosing a moving company.

Average Cost of Hiring a Moving Company

First, check whether the estimated moving cost is binding or not. It would give you a clearer vision if you should expect any changes in your final cost or if it is fixed with the prior estimation. The other important questions to ask are if the insurance is included or not, if there are any additional charges and if the loading is provided by the company. Lastly, consider the company’s policy on emergency cases, lost items etc. because if anything happens during your moving journey and company does not handle that, it may cost you more than planned.

What Factors Affect the Cost Your Move?

After choosing a moving company and planning your move, your next step would be choosing the moving type: truck, full-service move or pod. The calculation of the average moving cost estimate is generally based on the weight and size of your load. It is going to cost more if the shipment is bulky, heavy and takes more space since it would require a larger truck that consumes more gas and more labor and time to load. The other thing that can add up to your cost is the insurance. Usually companies cover basic liability that is only $0.60 per pound but many of them offer full coverage for extra protection. Moreover, you should not forget about tipping the movers. Their work is hard, sometimes the moving process is complex with different obstacles such as narrow doors, no elevators, and etc. Usually, moving truck rental is the cheapest option for moving on a budget.

How much does a full-service move cost?

Some companies offer full-service move which includes services beyond loading and driving. Those include but not limited to packing and unpacking, storage, and debris removal and this choice of moving is the most expensive. Depending on the amount of additional assistance the cost fluctuates, so it is important to confirm the final cost with the moving company. The cost of full-service move may vary from $2,000-$3,000 to over a $10,000 depending on services provided and distance.

How much does a moving pod cost?

A moving pod is a cheaper option to full-service move. The cost is based on the number, size of a container and time of using it. Renting a pod is more cost effective than full-service move and more convenient than truck moving, since the loading is done by yourself and the capacity of the container is usually bigger than the capacity of the truck. On average renting a moving pod may cost up to and over $5,000.

How to Estimate Moving Costs When Moving Long Distance

the move cost

Price is one of the most important things that you should calculate beforehand. The moving company will find the best service for your specific situation. But how can you be sure that you do not overpay?

Insurance – How much does the valuation coverage cost?

One more factor to look at when preparing your moving cost estimate is the insurance. Moving companies offer a basic limited liability protection called moving valuation. It is usually required by law and stated in the moving contract. This type of protection generally varies between $0.30 to $0.60 per pound, and needless to say, it does not cover the actual value of your load. That is why, some customers choose to pay more for expanded insurance or buy insurance from third parties.

How are moving costs calculated?

The calculation process of the moving varies from company to company. Most of the movers offer moving cost calculators online on their website where you enter your original location, destination, volume and weight of the load and date of moving. If you want to get a moving quote it might be better to contact the agent from the moving company who can sum up costs for additional services and expenses and give you a more detailed and personalized quote.

Can moving costs be deducted and are moving costs for a job tax deductible?

Unfortunately, according to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) moving expenses have been suspended. There are some states where those deductions are still allowed on federal tax returns, but for most Americans it is not possible anymore. The exception is only for the active duty military members, and even for them there are several requirements to be met in order to be able to deduct the moving expenses.