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Are you looking for some advice about planning your move? Congratulations! You are on the right page. Here we are discussing how to hire and collaborate with cross country movers to get the most successful result. All the time, planning of relocation home or business, people always meet troubles in communication with a trucking firm. Some of them are too expensive, giving fewer opportunities for safe and comfortable delivery or just have unexperienced customer support. Here we going to find you the best way to move cross country. Let us solve your problems today and enjoy hassles shipping tomorrow!

Plan Your Cross Country Move

First thing you have on your to-do list before scheduling moving is figuring out the number of your belongings and distance. Determine the destination, sizes, and weight of the goods and describe what is it. Depends on the type it may require different shipping conditions and packaging. For example, furniture and appliances should be uninstalled and dissembled before loading. This means that you have to decide if you will make up this process by yourself or professional help is needed here. Such services will impact to a final moving cost. In addition, while you are choosing the cheapest way to move across the country, pay attention to the insurances and warranties from the firm.

Another good advice for people who are planning their relocation process is to sort all belonging by different packing methods. Glass, ceramic, and other fragile goods require delicate few-layers packing, while clothes need just one paper box. That will safe your budget by ordering proper services from the mover.

How To Hire Movers?


After you just all the inner all personal relocation details, it is time to find a proper contractor to implement your plan to reality. It is a real task that will require multiple opting to choose a worthful firm among all cross country moving companies. This article will help you to pick one that gives high-level assistance on affordable prices:

  1. To find a good service we recommend getting multiple estimates from no less than 4-5 firms. That will give an opportunity to compare various offers and pick up the most gainful. For a precise estimate, it is better to call the operator and give all the details. This is more effective than just looking at prices on the website because some extra services, distance, and sizes can vary and change the price.
  2. Another useful tip is to invite a company representative on-site to your house all office. They will look and analyze how much labor and materials they need depends on the quantity and features of the stuff.
  3. Verify trust level and legacy. Before signing a contract and making pre-pay, check all certificates and licenses on the official website of the U.S. Department of Transportation. If the papers are validated you may trust your freight to the firm with no depts. The second is to find references and records about company on Google Maps, Social media, and recommendation web pages. Look on the reviews and clients’ rates to ensure you get the best service.
  4. Detect suspicious signs and react quickly. If the company has no address, or official website and email address without the company name, or ask for full payment before delivering, or has fresh-made registration, it could be a fraud.

Follow described above simple steps to detect the best contractor for your safe and fast delivery. These rules perhaps will take some of your time at the beginning, but as a result, it will safe your time and money during the moving process.

Cheapest Cross Country Movers

Rapid grow on the service market conduct huge competitions among trucking firm. That’s why some of them have more affordable prices than others. In this article we’ll show you ones of the most appropriate movers, that have both a nice reputation and cheap prices:

  • We begin with We Pack logistics. This firm operates more than 30 years in the industry and provides full service moving facilities starting from small local delivery to cross-country travel on the south region.
  • The second one that we highly recommend is 24/7 LOGISTICS which is based in Florida. It provides the fastest transportation for any distance.
  • Solomon and Sons Relocation Services offers the best deal for either interstate or cross-country shipping for residential and commercial clients.
  • Bold Moving and Storage is suitable for any customer who is looking for a high-level relocation solution regardless of budget limit.
  • Best cross country movers have focused on detailed planning your transportation as a big professional in the operation.
  • One of the biggest international moving firms Allied Van Lines offer cheap and excellent assistance during local or national transit.

Choosing one of the listed transit companies can be based on location and condition preferences.

How Much Do Cross Country Movers Cost?

Before figuring out how relocation budget customers should know the exact address, approximate weight, and sizes. Knowing that you may use an online calculator which shows the cost to move across country instantly. This tool located almost on the all biggest companies’ websites. To use that instrument put all your numbers to the required field. To get more precise costs, call the customer service, or ask for throughout walk.

How To Select A Trustworthy Cross Country Moving Company

Cross Country Moving Company

Of course, there are a lot of troubles you can meet before hire a transportation company. Because of the lack of experience or recommendations from family members, colleagues, and friends. But making light research helps you to find the best way to move across the country. Now, with this article, we made half of this work for you. It is needed to choose one of the listed companies and schedule a delivery.

Costs Of Moving Across The Country

Distance, a number of items you have, season and urgent may have impact on whole moving process cost. To reduce price, choose nearest location of the transit company, reduce amount of your belongings and plan thoughtfully your relocation beforehand. It is well-known, that the moving season usually starts in May and lasts to September. So, if you have a chance, pick a date in calendar before or after these months. Nowadays, approximate prices for moving cost are:

#Home sizeDistancePartial packingFull packing
11 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles
22 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles
33 bedroom homeUp to 1000 miles
Up to 2,500 miles

Full Service Cross Country Moving Options

All companies on our website provide customized moving maintenance including extra: partial or full packing, packaging materials, storage, rental, tracking.

Best Cross Country Movers

best movers

Among all reputable firms, we usually name American Van Lines, Wheaton World Wide Moving, Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, Purple Heart Moving group. Each of them operate more than 20 years and already earns strong reputation of stable and trustful mover.

Moving Across Country Tips

moving tips

Money and time saving solution in searching a proper trucking company are to relay on moving broker. It is a company which will help you to connect with different movers and get the best deal!