International Van Lines

International Van Lines is a company, which:

  • completes over 10,000 moving services annually;
  • has performed 500,000 shipments for the last 20 years;
  • employs 200 workers and other personnel in its office;
  • has branches in 50 states of the US;
  • has 3,200 partnerships worldwide.


  1. FLORIDA, Coral Springs
  2. CALIFORNIA, Paramount, CA
  3. ILLINOIS, Chicago
  4. BAY AREA, San Jose


International Van Lines (IVL) commenced its activity on June 07, 2000 as a logistics company, providing services in local and international shipments. After purchasing its own van in 2004, the company started dealing with local and inter-city moving services. Later International Van Lines became an international and long distance mover. However, it is possible to order local household shipments as well.


Consumers Advocate has rated IVL as the Best Moving Company for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Among its awards there are:

  • the fastest growing company in the international moving market of the USA (by the INC500);
  • the 1st in and Consumer Affairs.

International Van Lines has won the best reputation among its clients.


International Van Lines is a long distance moving company, and offers international moving services covering not only North America countries, but also another 180 countries. It also covers local distances by hiring local moving companies as sub-contractors for this kind of work.

Moving services

Moving services include domestic household, military and B2B shipping. Logistics, customs clearance, brokerage, insurance services are offered for local, interstate and international moves.

The company’s working hours are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Add-on services

IVL offers highly customer-oriented service, has quick and responsive administrative help-desk providing prompt quotations, moving solutions and complaints work if any emergency occurs. A company’s portfolio comprises a full set of additional relocation services, including, moving and packing supplies provision, stacking, shipping, etc.

Containers move and storage are proposed.


IVL may perform any property relocation or any type of moving services. Automobile transport, full container load, marine insurance, airfreight services, yacht and other cargoes shipping services, military equipment relocation are in the company’s list of transportation possibilities for domestic and international destinations.

Tariffs and additional payments

The company offers a moving quote free of charge and provides a moving cost calculator online. To make your move estimation, you may schedule an in-house or a virtual quotation.

Full set of discounted moving company prices and promotions are proposed, as well as 1 month of free load storing by every move.

The cost of cross-country move at 2,000 miles distance will make approximately:

  • $2,400 for 1-bedroom apartment;
  • $4,800 for 2-bedroom apartment.

The travel will consist of:

  • 2 locations loading and unloading;
  • furniture assembly and disassembly;
  • one flight of stairs pick up and carrying;
  • all travel costs (payments, fuel, taxes);
  • packing and stacking (with moving supplies);
  • basic valuation coverage ($0.6 / item / pound).

IVL proposes a liability to cover full cost of goods. In case of an overseas travel, marine insurance is proposed. This is charged additionally and the cost depends on the weight of possessions, distance and destination. Here below please find some examples of additional services value:

  • bulky items load $150 per unit;
  • flight of stairs $75 (the first flight is free);
  • carry over 75 ft. distance (if a truck cannot park closer) $75.

Local movers’ services are offered by contracting local professionals additionally. These services are charged on hourly rate and the total moving company cost depends on:

  • quantity of hours; 
  • number of experts; 
  • total household weight and quantity of big items; 
  • date of move. 

25% deposit of the moving company quotes is needed to fix your moving date.

Features: advantages and disadvantages


  • Free storage period
  • Wide range of services
  • A good coverage of International Van Lines services in the country and abroad


  • A free online and phone cost quotation is not exact
  • A lot of outsourcing and contractors’ services (from truck rent to contractor local movers)
  • Help-desks and customers services are not widely spread, making administrative and complaint issues long


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PH: 877-647-1336

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