Mover Budget Truck Rental

Budget truck rentals offer both small and larger sized trucks for an easy experience with moving. For customers who want to make their own decisions in the moving process, Budget takes the stress out of moving.

Choose a Pickup Location

When customers choose Budget truck rentals, customers are able to select their own choice of pickup area and drop off location. Customers can make their reservations on the Budget truck rental website or make a call to reserve a truck.

Budget trucks are available within 49 states and have specific rental locations that vary depending on the state. They have over 1700 locations in the US with over 30,000 trucks that are available for local and long-distance moving.

Choose a Truck Size

Budget trucks are open and spacious, convenient, and easy to transport heavy objects. In an analysis of Budget’s 26 foot truck, there is a payload weight of up to 12,000 pounds and with a capacity of holding 5 to 8 rooms. It’s competitor,, there’s only 20 feet of open flooring in the inside of the truck and has a small overhang that lessens the amount of floor to ceiling space. U-Haul’s advertisement for its 26 foot truck only has a payload weight of 6500 pounds and it’s advertised capacity is only that of 3 to 4 rooms.

All of Budget’s trucks include a GPS system that is available for rent in their trucks and vans that help you get to where you need to go. In order to reserve a GPS system, customers can either go online to budget, or call the 1-800 GO budget reservation center. Additionally, the number at the corresponding budget truck rental location can also be used to reserve one or learn more information.

Choose a Personal Moving Truck Size

Budget offers:

  • Cargo vans (holds 1 room or studio home)
  • 12’ Small Truck (1-2 rooms or studio apartment)
  • 16’ Medium Truck (3-4 rooms or 1 bedroom home)
  • 26’ Large Truck (5-8 rooms or 2-3 bedroom home)


  • Car Carrier
  • Tow Dolly
  • Auto Tow Protection
  • Pick-up Truck Rentals
  • Hand Trucks
  • Furniture pads
  • PlatePass (for automated tolls)
  • Packing Help
  • Loading and Unloading assistance

Choose a Protection Package

The Complete Protection Package

  • Physical damage waiver
  • Roadside safety net
  • Supplemental liability
  • Provides protection with Personal Accidents and cargo

The Choice Protection Package

  • Physical damage waiver
  • Roadside safety net
  • Supplemental liability

The Value Protection Package

  • Physical damage waiver
  • Roadside safety net

Choose a Price

Budget trucks require a credit card in order to secure one’s truck reservation. In addition, the credit card is also used to secure a deposit for the truck in the event of any damage or emergencies.

Customers are able to cancel the reservations for up to 48 hours in advance of their designated pick up time without receiving any fines. If canceling within 48 hours of pick up time, a fee of $75 is given.

Truck rentals require $150 plus the estimated cost of the rental fees and services. Budget will offer you a quoted total of eight that includes any insurance or additional services during the moving process. In the event of any financial difficulties, Budget has many online or email offers that customers can take advantage of in order to get the most reasonable price possible.


  • Offers more space for moving then other competitors
  • Provides the option for GPS tracking and signaling


  • Not ideal for when a specific truck size is needed
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