Bold moving and storage

Bold Moving and Storage wants nothing more but to provide their customers with superior customer service throughout the moving experience and have an overarching goal to be completely transparent about the costs of moving. They believe in integrity taking priority over profit.


Located in Virginia.

Can service any local move in Virginia, Maryland, the DC area with promptness and guaranteed swiftness.


Bold Moving and Storage was formed one winter when moving company professionals were attending the same ski trip, talking about each of their moving companies constantly cheating customers and being taken over with greed and corruption. Bold Moving wants to put customers first and wanted to be the change that their industry needed. Their mission statement is to be bold and demonstrate the ability to exert confidence and take risks.


Bold Moving and Storage will move all items at any distance within the United States.

Moving Services

  • Automobile moving of any type or size to any location in the country
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Full-service Moving (ideal for professionals who have limited time)

Add-on Services

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Organize and will label every box
  • Storage Services
  • Cleaning Services (at the old place of residency after the move)


Bold Moving and Storage use different sized moving trucks and vans.

Tariffs and Additional Payments

Prices are calculated directly onsite. Customers simply enter in contact information, moving preferences, and zip codes.


  • Well organized and helpful throughout the entire moving process
  • Everything is unpacked in the same way it was neatly packaged beforehand
  • Cleans the old resident after moving


  • On the website, the text is hard to read in some areas as the photos are overlaid on top of them

Contact Information

US DOT #3139358

3809 Castlewood Road

Richmond, VA 23234


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