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Bekins Van Lines is a part of Bekins International. Wheaton Van Lines has purchased it recently.


As of now, the company is one of the oldest moving companies in the United States with the wide network. It is an interstate moving company covering 150 locations and it renders its services abroad with out of state moving companies.


Bekins counts its professional activity for almost 130 years, staring in Sioux City, Iowa in 1891 with few personnel members and 3 horse-driven vans. The company takes its name after Martin Bekins and John Bekins, 2 brothers who were the founders of the mover. It was the cheapest moving company, who worked with families and provided household relocation. The first motorized trucks were introduced in 1903. Horse-driven vehicles performed all transportation services before that time. 1906 was the year when the first warehouses, made of metal and concrete, appeared.

The company directed its activity abroad. Bekins World Wide was founded in 1960 and became one of the long distance movers rendering services out of state.

Bekins Van Lines is keen on the quality of its work; its personnel undergoes learning and training constantly.


Bekins Van Lines won “The best moving company in home delivery service” title by HomeDirectUSA in 1994. Being in top of the market, the company initiated Certified Professional Movers program (CPM), developed it and earned this status in 1996. Next year it introduced the moving company software, a program of load tracking and storing.


The company offers its services for a local direction, long distances and international moves.

Moving services

Being a full-service moving provider, Bekins supports families in their journeys for work, business, study, and these who travel for military and government purposes.

The company renders its services:

  • for companies by relocating business and commercial facilities, offices,
  • for GSA by relocating personnel and equipment, 
  • for warehouses by relocating storage facilities, exhibitions. 

Customer service is accessible 24/7. 

Add-on services

Additional services consist of:

  • partial or full packing, 
  • shipping, 
  • storage, 
  • load tracking. 

A company provides bulky and specialty goods transportation (baby grand pianos, refrigerators, autos). Some of these services are free of charge (see Moving tariffs and additional payments).


The company possesses its own van facilities and storage places for full-time, transit or protected open-air storage.

Tariffs and additional payments

Bekins Van Lines offers a wide range of move estimation possibilities. 

Local moves are estimated on an hourly rate. 

As a rule, a long-distance and interstate moves are calculated based on their weight and distance. 

However, there are many additional factors, which influence the total cost. Bekins provides a ballpark estimate that is taking into consideration every additional feature of the move (packing, date, number of flights, distances for carrying, etc.). It helps to get an estimation, which is not 100% accurate but comprising various add-ons. In its turn, it allows saving money by refusing too expensive features.

An example of ballpark estimation is an approximate cost of 3-bedroom apartment moving at a distance of 1,000 miles. The company offers a low-end price and a high-end price, which differs depending on a number of features. The lowest cost is $4,200 if a household is relocated on the low demand period, without any additional services. It makes Bekins Van Lines the least expensive and even a cheap moving company. Full valuation coverage, full-packing services and a number of packing supplies comprise the highest variant, which is $8,000.

Bekins provides a number of free services: loading and unloading, ballpark estimation. 

You should pay additionally for in-house quotation, packing and unpacking, full valuation.

There are special offers or discount programs for partners, peculiar dates and service packages.

Features: advantages and disadvantages


  • Flexible pricing, discounts, which are announced in exact figures on the company’s web-site
  • Free ballpark estimation
  • The company provides maximum information about its prices, which makes a final cost predictable 


  • Some complaints are connected with full-packing services, which may be provided on the poor level and with goods damage


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Indianapolis, IN 46250

PH: 1-866-815-8931

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