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For Authority Moving Group, moving has always been recognized as a special moment in a person’s life. Moving promises new or exciting changes to everyone’s lives, depending on the person. However, many people struggle with such a large scale transition troublesome transition process right from start to finish. The Authority Moving group wants to benefit the moving experience for everyone and every move.


Authority moving group has locations in 44 states.

Available 24/7.


Authority Moving is a team comprised of Boynton Beach movers. With years of experience and knowledge in the relocation industry, they’ve conducted large amounts of moving and storage jobs. Their services have grown their influence to cross-country Florida residents.


Distances are long range or short range, depending on the moving service.

Moving Services

  • Long distance moving
  • Interstate moving
  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving

Add-on Services

  • Storage Units for maximum protection and safety
  • Expert Packing and Quality boxes
  • Special Services; moving antiquated or valuable possessions
  • Auto Transportation for any vehicle that needs relocation


Logistics can be determined when making a call or booking online.

Tariffs and Additional Payments

As far as the website shows, there are no specific options that will cost the buyer any additional payments. Interested buyers can get a free estimate online with the to and from zip codes and the expected date.

Call their number to book a relocation.


  • Given great reviews for excellent and efficient work
  • Fair prices were noted
  • Employees have a good work attitude


  • No mention of any tariffs or additional payments for any long distance moving on the website
  • No mention of vehicles used for transportation

Contact Information

2755 South Federal Highway #20,

Boynton Beach, FL 33435, USA

Phone: 561-770-7036

Toll Free: 800-471-8116

Fax: 917-383-1974

[email protected]

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