24/7 Logistic Services LLC

24/7 Logistics strives to provide reliable moving services from day in to day out. They pride themselves on quick response time, delivery efficiency, and a hard working team of individuals who are ready and willing to help their customers.


24/7 Logistics is based in Hollywood, Florida


24/7 Logistics prides itself on its competent and well versed staff who constantly provide a timely delivery service. From the beginning, the company has wanted to be more responsive and dependable for interstate moving services. Whereas other companies have estimates on how long it takes to get their clients’ belongings transported, the workers at 24/7 Logistics believe in a different approach. Customers are welcome to and encouraged to define how they want their relocation process to go. 24/7 workers will adhere to the customer based plan and work towards providing the service their customers deserve.


24/7 Logistics aims to respond to all quote-requests within a 24 hour period during the work week, Monday-Friday.

Customers can be moved from all different ranges of distance.

Moving Services

Some of our popular moving services include:

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Private Moving Services
  • Moving Seniors
  • Military Moving

Add-on Services

  • Real Estate Services
  • Storage Moving
  • Storage-In-Transit


24/7 Logistics is one of the United States leading moving companies, for both local and long-distance transportation markets. Their main priority is to provide speedy and efficient delivery especially with customers going through long-distance moving. They offer first-class and well-maintained trucks and tractor-trailers, with all of their vehicles eligible to receive 24/7 roadside assistance. GPS-devices are installed in every truck which they use to keep track of belongings, regardless of the time,

Tariffs and Additional Payments

To request a free quote and discover the most accurate price, all customers need to provide are the following:

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Moving from zip code
  • Moving to zip code
  • Birth date
  • Moving size


  • Promotion video available on website
  • Quick responding to all reservations and messages
  • GPS devices installed in all moving trucks


  • Customer feedback or testimonials could be added to on the website

Contact Information

1722 Sheridan St #381

Hollywood, Florida 33020

(800) [email protected]

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