notify during the move

We want to discuss who is better to notify during the move. This is an important subject that many overlook in the moving process. Below are the people/businesses that may help you undergoing a move:

  • Employer
  • Friends & Family
  • USPS
  • Current Landlord
  • IRS
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Insurance Provider
  • Veterinarian & Kennels For Your Pets
  • Government Agencies
  • Bank And/Or Credit Union
  • Other Financial Institutions
  • DMV
  • Utilities
  • Subscriptions
  • Medical Care Providers
  • Schools

Who Should Be Informed of Your Address Change

Who Should Be Informed

The above listed are important organizations, businesses, people, and facilities that need to know you are moving. Below, we will briefly discuss why you need to inform each of these important organizations.


It is important that your employer has an updated address on file for various reasons. They don’t necessarily need to know where you live, but they need the address for tax information purposes.

Friends & Family

Realistically, we all have that family member we don’t want around. However, informing your friends and family of an address change is still important to get-togethers and events that require they mail you information or invitations.


When you change your address, go to the post office or ask your mail person to provide a change of address form. You need to be able to receive all your mail at your new address. You don’t want to miss out on them trying to reach you about your extended warranty.

Current Landlord

However you contact your landlord, you should do so. Let them know you will be moving and where too. That way, if anyone is trying to find you, they know where to look. More importantly, you don’t want to be charged rent when you don’t live there any longer.


This should be one of the first phone calls you make. The IRS needs to know your current address for tax information.

Credit Card Companies

This is actually more important than you think. For starters, monthly statements with personal and important information are often sent out to credit card holders (including new credit cards), so make sure no one gets their hands on your personal information.

Insurance Providers

Many insurance providers base prices on your location. Updating your address to them when you move will possibly help you save money… or spend more. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Veterinarian & Kennels

Your pets are like family, and their kennels and veterinarians are important. Keeping your information updated is important in case something happens with your furry family member.

Government Agencies

The IRS isn’t the only government agency you need to contact. Other agencies that play vital roles in your life need to be informed of a move so they can accurately keep in touch and send you important documents that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Bank And/Or Credit Union

Just like with credit card companies, monthly statements and personal information are sent by mail.

Other Financial Institutions

Same as above, you have to protect your personal information. Make sure you make the phone calls and send the letters needed to your financial institutions.


The DMV needs to inform you of several things involving your car. Maybe you have to apply for a new title, maybe your plates are up for renewal, who knows?


You need to inform water, internet, phone, cable, and trash services of your address change. That way, you aren’t charged for utilities on an address you are not living at any longer.


Got a favorite magazine that comes to your mailbox? Maybe you are subscribed to a weekly newsletter for your community.

Medical Care Providers

It is vital that your medical care providers know a current address in case of emergencies.


For your children, school districts are based on your location. You need to make sure they have your address for bus routes, enrollment, and other various reasons.

Other Miscellaneous People/Groups To Inform Of Your Move

There are several other people and groups you need to inform of a move. Cover all bases when you are making these troublesome phone calls and writing your various letters to organizations that need to have this information.

How to Inform People You Are Moving

Inform People

Normally, it is as easy as making a phone call or writing an e-mail. Sometimes, you have to fill out a specific form and submit it to an organization.

Final Thoughts on Changing Your Address

Remember this important step of moving. It is easy to forget to do this, and that could prove to be hurtful and potentially detrimental to preserving your information. Don’t let the hassle of the move take away from the important steps you need to take.

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