Usually by the day of the move, we expect all vital decisions have been taken; all variants and terms have been considered, like new apartment purchase or rented lodging selection. We have compared prices and chosen the best movers. We have found out the easiest and shortest transportation route. However, the final day has come, and it may be quite hectic and tiresome. What main things should be listed and checked on the big day?

We collected 16 tips, which will help to get ready for the moving day.

By completing these tasks, you may be well-prepared by the time when a moving company arrives to collect your things.

In addition, you will learn what jobs to finalize before the goods are delivered in a new lodging.

10 Tips for Your Checklist in an Old House


The thing, which goes without saying, that reliable transportation services must be hired. It will protect your property and avoid problems.

However, plan these few tasks, which ensure your moving day goes smoothly.

Arranging Kids And Pets

Try to prevent any disturbing factors and to make an important day highly effective. Being concentrated on your moving jobs, your household relocation, lifting, loading, you won’t be able to distract you attention from these things. In case smaller family members interfere, you will lose time and may overlook something important. Arrange babysitting services for children, or ask neighbors or close friends to keep an eye on them. Think in advance of the ways to isolate your pets, like cages or a closed yard.

Prepare a Refreshment Zone

Organize refreshments in advance. It will be an important facet for increasing efficiency, saving time and energy. Prepare a zone with small snacks, hot and cold drinks served. Arrange a toilette or a bath for your moving crew to wash hands and face.

Things to Get Rid of

You’ve got a wonderful opportunity to purge your house and declutter it from the things you have not been used for years. This also will help you to pay less for goods transportation thus saving budget. Be critical and realistic by making decision what to move. Sort your possessions and donate unnecessary things to your neighbors, or leave them to future owners.


There are units, which it is impossible to put in a moving truck due to their danger or potential damage. Request their list from your movers in advance. You will be able to transport some of these units yourself, or to dispatch them by the country mail.

Such list may contain:

  • inflammable substances,
  • hazardous things,
  • pets and plants,
  • some chemicals.

Electronics and household appliances

Use up or declutter the tank with fuel for fuel-powered items like a lawnmower or a snowblower. It is highly recommended to transport electronic devices separately from batteries.

As for electronic devices like a TV or a washing machine, please make sure about their disconnecting from cables and sockets. Of course, experienced movers should check this before lifting these goods. However, make sure that the devices are protected to prevent their damage.


In case you own a collection of rarities or have any family heirlooms, which are dear to you, arrange their transportation with a special care. Move them with you, if these units are not bulky. However, there is a tip how to use moving company’s services for safe relocation of precious units. Protect them with insurance to prevent damage or theft. Use a special insurance plan for the trip. We recommend insurance protection for all the load, but it is vital to do for:

  • masterpieces,
  • paintings,
  • jewelries,
  • pieces of rare or old furniture,
  • collections.

Personal Data Security

Small electronics and gadgets should be handled with attention to your personal data. During the move, they are vulnerable, may be easily accessed by strangers. So protect your laptops or smartphones with a security pass. It is better to keep an eye on them during a day. Arrange a safe box or a room with a reliable lock for the most important contracts, receipts, and plastic cards. You may transport these papers yourself or send it by the national mail in advance.

Load Organizing

Proper load and packing organizing influences jobs quality and speed performed by a moving company. Ensure that boxes are sorted, labeled, fragile packages are marked correspondingly and everything is easily accessed and ready for a big day. Priority mark will help you by unpacking. So when wrapping such units as

  • paintings,
  • collections,
  • decorative units,
  • souvenirs,
  • artworks

make corresponding notes. Such things should be unpacked later after taking decision where they come. Prepare some free space or a room for refusals, pets’ cages, and pots with plants; make a warning note for movers: “Not to load”.

Take a photo of your packages prior to loading jobs start. Prepare a list of the goods. This will help you to provide your arguments in any disputable moments during the move.

An Essential Box

Do not forget about an essential box. Mark it with a special sign so to find it easily and unpack first arriving in a new lodging. By its arrangement, do not forget things for the first night in the new place, including:

  • towels,
  • sheets, pillows and duvets,
  • toiletries,
  • change of clothes,
  • gadgets with charges.

Leave Your Old Apartment Clean

Moving jobs make mess and dirtiness in every apartment. It is impossible to avoid this moment. So store enough rags, prepare a mop and a broom to clean a floor after moving, cover it with old papers or cardboard if it is raining outside.

Your old house must stay in a proper marketable form. Provide corners, doorframes, windows, mirrors protection before big items or furniture pieces are lifted and loaded. Measure big bulky units to know their dimensions. Thank you movers by small tips, if they have coped with the narrow places successfully.

6 Tips to Arrange Before Delivery in a New House

tips to arrange before delivery

All your activities in your new lodging are set to arrange everything, as you’ve got used to in your old house. However, it is unachievable within a day of arrival.

So stop with the following 6 tasks before movers come, leaving everything else for the next days.

Utilities Check

We strongly recommend starting your acquaintance with a new house with this task. Check

  • electricity,
  • water supply,
  • a boiler,
  • cable TV,
  • heating system, AC.

Absence of possibility to take a shower or to prepare some hot drink will be disappointing after a long and difficult day.

Clear-up Premises

Prepare cleaning products and rags to remove dirt from all available surfaces. A tidy apartment will make your unpacking comfortable. After your household units are delivered, you may be able to start creating an atmosphere of your old house.

Meals Arrangement

Kitchen supplies will arrive packed in boxes, so you may arrange some ready snacks. However, there is a good idea with food delivery or take away meals in the closest restaurant. Order your dinner, as you must eat enough to restore your strength for the next days.


Relocation is a difficult procedure for your pets. Prepare some place for your pets to sleep and eat paying additional attention to live creatures’ condition after they arrive. If there is some change in their behavior, consult a vet.


While thinking about pets and plants, do not forget about your family. Remember to say greeting and cheering up words, ask how they feel, what they plan to do. Inform your best friends and closest family members when your move is finished.

Taking Time for Yourself

While waiting for the truck to arrive with your possessions, it is time to think about your rest in the end of the day. Arrange everything to take a shower or a bath, prepare a bed to get asleep just after a moving car has left. Refuse an idea to cope with everything at once.