Hiring a moving company

Hiring a moving company is always a good decision especially when you are planning to move for a long distance. But you never know what cons can be used to trick you. As a result it can cost you extra money.

Here we will tell you about some of the cons that moving companies resort to deceiving you.

1. Cubic Feet

This is the typical scheme the moving team can use. Here is an example: you are hiring a moving company and discussing all the details. On the standard, 200 cubic feet will cost about 4 dollars. The manager will ask you for a list of your belongings. Usually people do not know the number of their items so the moving company will assume that a two-bedroom apartment is nearly 200 cubic feet. The price is 1200 dollars. It is really cheap but at the same time that’s how people get tricked.

Actually the movers know that a basic two-bedroom flat is about 600-800 cubic feet. When they arrive on the relocation day they will raise the price twice or even thrice more than it was agreed earlier.

So before making your choice be sure that you have checked all the details. And never discuss the price on the phone. The professionals will always come to your apartment and make their calculations locally.

2. Moving Van

According to Department of Transportation requirements each truck should be marked. Unfortunately, some movers go against the law: the truck can be 100 cubic feet and they add 50 more. That’s how the customer pays extra money.

Always make sure that the truck is marked properly and ask the moving company for a license.

3. Boxes

Sometimes people don’t have time to buy boxes for packing and the moving team offers to buy the company packing materials. Generally it will cost you much more than if you buy boxes in a shop.

4. Pounds cons

Imagine the situation: you weigh all your belongings. At the same time the movers weigh the empty truck with an empty diesel tank. However, after loading the truck with your items the movers fill up the diesel tank. That’s how they add extra weight and you pay extra money.

It is always good to check the diesel tank before and after loading your belongings.

5. Wheels

During the weighing process the truck can be scaled incorrectly. For example, one of the wheels might not be weighted at all! As a result extra pounds and extra payment.

It is good to be suspicious during the weighing.

6. Adding weigh

Always monitor the process of scaling the weight. Otherwise you may be tricked and charged twice.

7. Shell company

This is one of the most dangerous moments. You should check the moving company before hiring it. There are two options you can choose.

Firstly, you can ask for an insurance license. The type “Bound” means that these are brokers and it’s better not to work with them. Their main goal is to get more clients at any cost. The type “Cargo” means that this is a moving company and you can see them as professionals.

Another variant is to use different sites which help you to check the company you want to hire. As an example you can use any site where you’ll see all the information by entering the USDOT number of the mover.

Following these tips you will never get tricked and plan your relocation carefully. In conclusion, never forget to check everything properly and do not make hasty decisions.