Moving is a big decision, and relocating to a new state is even bigger. It is easy to forget important things, belongings, steps, and even more when you are planning a move. There are factors you need to take into consideration, such as: Figuring out whether to use a professional mover or rent a truck, getting quotes from movers/rental trucks, researching cities in the chosen state, researching countrywide statistics for the chosen state and so much more.

You want to start planning your move a couple of months in advance. Doing so will allow you to minimize any errors or issues that may arise. Think of the two-month planning stage preparing to move time period. Organizing, planning, prepping, and ticking off tasks from a checklist is recommended a couple of weeks prior to moving. Below is a checklist of what you should do when you are planning for a relocation to another state:

  • Set A Budget – The number one thing you need to do is figure out your budget for the move. Your budget will dictate destination, moving methods, storage options, and more. A solid and realistic budget is vital to moving out of state. Make sure to account for overnight stays and food.
  • Make a Moving Binder- Make sure all the needed documents are organized in a single place; moving binders can be incredibly useful and reduce the stress of moving.
  • Print Out A Moving Checklist- Make a checklist of chores, tasks, and responsibilities that need to be tended to before you move. Make sure to print it out and follow it to a T to ensure you are completely set for a move out of state.
  • Visit The State/City- When you are moving to another state, you need to make sure you will feel comfortable there. So, visiting the state and the cities you are interested in living at will help you get a feel for your future environment.
  • Research Moving Options- You want to research different options for moving methods. It is important to know whether you should move with professional help or DIY with a truck rental. Either way, research companies and make sure they are licensed and offer insurance.
  • Get Quotes from Truck Rental Services and Moving Services- Making sure you get quotes from licensed rental and moving services is important. You will save time, stress, and money.
  • Shut Off Utilities at Old Residence- You want to do this when you are closer to or on the date of the move. Make sure your utilities at your old residence are scheduled to shut off, so you are not being charged for extra days when you are not there.
  • Schedule Your Utility Connections- Prior to moving into your new house, make sure you have a plan and schedule set for ensuring you will have water and power to your new residence.

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Why Do I Need A Checklist When Moving?

While you may find this checklist very useful, you could be wondering why you would need one at all. Put simply, the key to a successful and safe move is preparation. A checklist will allow you to remember commonly forgotten tasks and belongings. You also get to reduce the stress and hassle that comes from moving, especially to another state, with a well-thought-out checklist.

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Drawing up a Moving Plan Correctly

There are several items you could write in a moving checklist. However, you don’t just want to make a basic list of tasks; you also need a list of goals. When you are making the checklist, the first thing to keep in mind is to make it with enough time to utilize it efficiently. You want to draw up what you need to do, what measurements you need to take, plan a budget, and so much more that we listed above. You have to really think about what you wish to accomplish and need to do to make your move as stress-free, issue free, and smooth as possible.

What to Include on the Checklist First

First and foremost, when making a checklist is to include making a budget. Having your budget listed first on your checklist will help you mark it off sooner rather than later. Your budget should always be the first thing you consider when you are planning to move homes or apartments.

Another important one to remember to add is taking measurements. You need to know how much space you must have in order to live comfortably. So this should be the second item on the checklist.

Additional Preparations

Additionally, to prepare a checklist, you may have other preparations you need to make before you can move. These preparations include the obvious packing process, deciding what you want to take with you, organizing any yard sales/garage sales, planning on any school/employment changes ahead of time.

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How To Save Money

The number one way to save money when you are moving from one state to the next is to research and acquire estimates from different truck rental services and professional movers.

Another way to save money is to schedule stays in any hotel rooms in advance. If you are going to have to stop for the night on your move, make sure you are using trusted travel sites to schedule the most affordable rooms you can get. Do the same with meals, researching affordable options that are on the way.

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Tips For Regular Travelers

If you travel regularly, you are most likely comfortable planning flights, train trips, or long-distance drives. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration as well. Here are some tips for regular travelers:

  • Pack an overnight bag for long road trips.
  • Make sure you plan your meals and overnight stays in advance.
  • Don’t forget to rest the day before the move.

Make Sure, you have insurance.