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When you are moving to a different state, you may face a bit of confusion and some challenges. There is a lot you have to do and prepare for when relocating to a new state. That is why this guide was written. We will offer you steps, tips, and information on some of the best states to move to.

First, we are going to address which states you could consider moving to, then we will touch on steps to take before you move to a new state. Following that, we will offer a FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about relocating states. We will also provide a checklist to use as a reference of how to relocate out of state.

Best States to Move To

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you are moving to a different state. There are normal factors, how the state’s environment will impact your mood, what the communities will be like, what is the crime rate, how is the economy, their education ranking in the country, and what kind of healthcare they offer in the state. These are important factors to research, and they shouldn’t be ignored when you are planning a move to a new state. Here are some of the top states to move to and how they rank in the country.

map Washington


  • Crime: 15th
  • Economy: 3rd
  • Education: 4th
  • Healthcare: 4th

Washington offers more than just a low crime percentage and high education. It has a job market that is thriving, it is also an environmentally-friendly state, and the economy is 3rd in the country. With their healthcare being 4th in the country, you can see why this is a healthy place to call home.

map New Hampshire

New Hampshire

  • Crime: 1st
  • Economy: 13th
  • Education: 5th
  • Healthcare: 16th

For another great state to live in, New Hampshire offers high ranks for the opportunity, crime and corrections, and education. This state is considered to be one of the healthiest states in the U.S. With a strong job market, its unemployment rate is one of the lowest n the United States. While the healthcare of New Hampshire is only 16th, the education and crime rate alone makes this a wonderful place to live.

map Minnesota


  • Crime: 16th
  • Economy: 18th
  • Education: 17th
  • Healthcare: 10th

On top of the rankings listed above, Minnesota has also ranked 3rd for natural environment as well as opportunity. With a powerful economy and affordable living, this state is also home to many cultures, art, and entertainment. You can get some of the best healthcare in Minnesota, being 10th in the country.

map Utah


  • Crime: 12th
  • Economy: 2nd
  • Education: 10th
  • Healthcare: 9th

For the economy, Utah is rated second. Infrastructure is third, and fiscal stability is 5th. There is a low crime rate and high quality of life quality. You will find gorgeous landscapes in 5 of the U.S national parks. It is no wonder that Utah made the top 5 best states to move to.

map Vermont


  • Crime: 2nd
  • Economy: 29th
  • Education: 8th
  • Healthcare: 11th

7th in the natural environment, 8th in education, and 2nd for crime and corrections, Vermont is a wonderful place to live with high quality of life and friendly communities. With solid healthcare to support this state as a great place to live, you can’t go wrong with Vermont.

Steps For The Relocating States

USA map

When you are relocating states, you want to be prepared. You need to research several details to be completely ready for your move. Below you will find several steps to help you organize yourself when you plan to relocate to another state:

  • Set a Budget
  • Research States
  • Research Statistics About States
  • Research Professional Movers
  • Research Van/Truck Rentals
  • Obtain Estimates
  • Get Insurance



Q. Do I need movers insurance?

A. Yes! You don’t know what could happen during your move. Ensure your belongings. If your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, proper insurance will reimburse you for the loss. You need to be prepared for anything that could go wrong.

Q. Do I Need Insurance on the Rental Truck?

A. It is suggested that along with your belongings, you get insurance on your rental truck if you are not using a moving service. Just like with your belongings, anything can happen. You don’t want to be liable for any unexpected damage to the rental truck.

Q. How Can I Save Money on Moving to a New State?

A. The best way to save money is to get estimates for movers and rentals. You can save more money by moving yourself. You want to get quotes from every company that is licensed and experienced in moving from one state to another. If the move is going to be a long journey, plan ahead of time and schedule affordable hotel rooms using coupons and taking special offers that many places provide.

Q. What Are Some Things People Forget When Moving?

A. When you are in a hurry to move, it can be overwhelming. You rush and rush, trying to get the whole process over with. However, it is easy to forget certain things when you are moving or planning to move to a new state. Here is what is commonly forgotten when moving:

  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Personal Records
  • Important Documents
  • Library Books

Checklist For Relocating to Another State

It is easy to rush things when you are moving to another state. However, when you rush, you are creating the opportunity to make mistakes, forget belongings, and forget important steps that you should take. So, we have compiled a checklist of things to do when you are relocating to another state.

  • Create a Budget and Start Saving Early
  • Research the Job Market in Your Preferred State
  • Visit the City You’re Interested in Before You Move
  • Determine Where You’ll Live in the Chosen City
  • Hire A Quality Moving Company
  • Make Sure To Cancel Current Utilities and Plan for Utilities at Your New Home