4 Steps to Make Your Pre-move Sale Successful

When you are starting planning your future move, abundance of old things you no longer use may cause frustration. It will make packing time longer and relocation expensive. One of the ways to reduce cost of the move is getting rid of unwanted things beforehand. Household things may be donated, trashed or placed in consignment shops for sales.
However, think about yard or garage sale. If the event is a success, you will earn money by selling trinkets within one day. If there are any units of some sentimental value, but you cannot keep them or transport, you will be happier to see their future owner. You may consider old shelves or chairs worthless, but in a college town, these units will be of great demand on the yard sale and will serve some students for a long time.
There are some tips below which will make your pre-move sale easier.

Step 1. Defining What to Sell

Yard sale - moving

Start listing things, you want to get rid of or substitute just after you have learned about relocation. Moreover, make some free space to collect and properly group these units. Nevertheless, not everything may be sold in garage sales. The units must meet the following requirements.
1. Have attractive appearance. Make sure the things are clean and mended. Their paint is touched up. Avoid placing too shabby chest of drawers or sofa for sale. Clothes should not be worn out and smell. This will make your customers reluctant to buy something.
2. Have reasonable price. Remember that the buyers are eager to spend less money on something they need; otherwise, they may buy it anywhere else. Think to sell the expensive items or the things that you cannot negotiate on other marketplaces like consignment shops or EBay.
3. Correspond to your advertising. Group your merchandise in corresponding directions or purpose of use and advertise these groups. If a customer comes and looks for something special what has been previously announced, but what is absent in garage sale, he may be got frustrated wasting his time.
4. Be in working condition or able to be fixed. Indicate precisely the condition of each unit for sale. Deduct price reasonably for items, which need restoration. Do not place junk things for garage sale.
5. Be unique. Keep and display boxes or wrapping for branded items, highlight the uniqueness of ancient pieces of furniture or rarities.

10 Best Things to Sell on Garage Sale:

  1. Books
  2. Furniture
  3. Kid clothes, footwear, toys
  4. Man and woman clothes in a good condition
  5. Purses and bags
  6. Glassware, kitchen utensils
  7. Garden tools
  8. Electronic appliances
  9. Costume jewelry
  10. Camping gear

Step 2. Planning Garage Sale

Big Garage Sale

Arranging sale out procedure seems tiresome but usually it is worth the time spent. Just plan everything and draw more participants in advance. Invite other people (neighbors or relatives) to participate in sale and offer things they do not need. This may be organized either on their site or on your yard. Thus, more visitors will be attracted. In addition, you may get free help. You may divide responsibilities, create several zones (e.g. sale, refreshment, payment) and run them effectively. Request your local authorities beforehand which municipal laws regulate yard sale procedure and advertising in your area. Winter garage sale may doubtfully be successful. Usually, spring, summer and autumn are preferred. Think about end of week (Friday to Sunday). Confirm with the municipality that there are no big sports events or entertaining parties nearby to compete with your event. Plan your sale for the entire day, starting preferably by 8 am. However, be ready for early birds; get everything prepared at least 30 minutes before the action. Provide enough space for ample parking, easy browsing in a sale area, nice merchandise display.

Provide Big Supply of Things You May Need During Sale:

  1. Wrapping for purchased items (tissue or paper bags)
  2. Baskets to carry chosen units
  3. Racks for clothes display
  4. A calculator
  5. Tools for making signs and price tags (markers and pieces of cardboard)
  6. A waist bag or a drawer for the money
  7. Garden chairs or tables for merchandise display
  8. Bins or cans for trash

Step 3. Advertising And Attracting Customers

Yard sale - moving

The more customers are attracted, the more units will be sold. As a result, you will gain profit. Therefore, advertising is a considerable part of your success. While preparing garage sales, thing about 2W: where to advertise and what to write.

1. Were to Advertise

A common way for sale announcement is placing a sign around the neighborhood with big flow of people (roads, shops, department stores). Make it visible, distinct and indicating enough information.
Fliers and leaflets may also be distributed among the visitors of big stores, but make sure it is allowed. This means is effective due to possibility to take along a flier and save it to remember.
Local newspapers and online resources with classified ads are effective. Sometimes it is possible to place ads free of charge.
If you want to attract a large crowd of younger people, thing about social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. They are popular and may effectively draw new visitors.
Word of mouth is one more way to announce an event. Offer your neighbors to join and to sell their unwanted things even if they are not going to move. Your common efforts may attract additional buyers. Besides the whole procedure will be easier when distributing the duties.

2. What to Write

Depending on the type of advertising, be sure to indicate:

  • This is a moving sale, not just yard sale. It implies merchandise in a better condition and no junk things. Thus, more customers will be attracted.
  • Place and time details (date, street), phone number.
  • List main groups of units to sale.

Step 4. How to Price Items And Keep Earnings

Sale before moving

Pricing items and keeping earnings are your main responsibilities and two constituents of your profit, which you cannot delegate. Be responsible in indicating prices. Visit other yard sales to be aware about similar units’ prices. Check cost on the internet, EBay.

1. Choose things in good state; gather items in different places of the house (sheds, attics, basements). Do not display too shabby units. Garage sale may not be a shop for secondhand goods. Buyers want to spend less money for the things they need. Be ready for further negotiations even if you think that the price is low. Indicate “firm” on the price tags of things you will not haggle. Think about a different marketplace for these items.

2. Offer good deals. For sets of units or big packs, make discounts or special prices. For example, charge 1 dollar for one book, but 1.5 dollars for two books and so on. Offer kids clothes in sets or bags to make lower cost of one unit. Moreover, the things will be sold quicker.

3. Indicate prices distinctively. When a customer is sure about the cost, he will purchase a thing quicker.

4. Be sure to possess enough change in advance. People doubtfully will get enough cash in small notes for purchase. Try to organize electronic payment operations. Using credit cards with the swiping device will be more comfortable for a buyer and safer for you.

5. Payments and keeping cash will demand all your attention. So make sure that you can manage these activities without distracting your attention offering refreshments or describing the goods. Consider a waist bag for keeping the money. Otherwise, entrust a cash drawer for a person you can rely on (your family member or a friend).

6. In addition, do not forget about shoplifters and thefts. Make some easy and not offensive rules explaining organization details of moving sale. For example, provide shopping baskets for buyers to carry chosen units in them. Moreover, pack purchased items in wrapping paper or bags. If somebody carries things in hands not using a basket, stop him and make him pay. Besides, with the safety purpose, keep your house locked during the event. Arrange everything prepared for sale in the yard.