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While relocating from one place to another, you need to always pay heed to every single detail with the view to avoiding any mismanagement and relocate smoothly within your budget. Now that moving includes a wide range of tasks, there are some ways that you can save money while taking help from experts. However, your individual role can always help you to trim the overall moving cost.

So how can you do that by yourself? If you are searching for a moving truck rental, you might pay a significant amount. Yet choosing moving trailer rental is one of the wisest options among all to protect your pocket.

Trailer is typically a cheaper choice than hiring a truck for local or even across the town moves. You can conveniently and cost-effectively haul all your belongings to the new place without taking any kind of professional service. The storage system cannot only protect your belongings from damages, but it has the weather-resistance ability as well.

In comparison to the truck, a moving trailer is the safest medium to shift all your things at a time. Now that you are considering to take a moving trailer rental service, you perhaps will need trailer mover companies near you. Read on to find out the features of the best trailer mover companies.

While choosing the best moving trailer rental service, try to take several aspects into consideration prior to taking one. For instance, consider your belongings’ type, destination distance, and others to cross-match your requirements when finding the best one that meets your criteria adequately.

Consider that most trailer rental companies have established their business as it seems a prospective industry to them. Hence, you may become a puzzle while finding the best yet affordable one. Always try to choose several companies that suit you in terms of location, services, customer reviews, and other parameters. After doing extensive research and with our expertise, we’ve listed the best out of the best.


Although many rentals are maneuvering across the nation, U-Haul is still in the top position owing to its affordability feature. It is worth mentioning that U-Haul offers the best-enclosed cargo moving trailer rental service to prevent your things from any kind of damage, even during adverse weather.

Interestingly, you can avail of their moving trailer rental service without taking the truck moving service. Since many companies advise their customers to do so, U-Haul’s thirteen trailer options awarded them a distinguishing position among their clients and in the market.

In terms of price, if you take a trailer rental service, you can rest assured that the most successful deal is guaranteed. U-Haul, in general, offers the best price chart where the price starts from $14.95 for interstate or short distance movings, and it increases to some extent. It is imperative that there are several factors, including location, season, and the day of the week, which determine the overall charge.

Trailers offered by U-Haul

#Trailer NameFeatures
1Cargo Trailer1600lbs maximum weight
Best for moving single-bedroom belongings
2Utility Trailers 1900lbs maximum weight carry the ability
Can hold a few bulky pieces of furniture or a room’s worth of possessions
3Two Dolly3,450 lbs maximum weight
Best for towing quite a heavy vehicle
4Auto Trailer2,400 lbs maximum weight
For towing bike or light vehicle

Budget Moving Trailer Rental

trailer for cars

Best known for a reasonable price and relocating service coverage in over 2300 places, the Budget is one of the wisest choices among all. Considering its features and top-quality customer support, the Budget can be chosen for moving trailers.

There is one pitfall – you are bound to rent a 16 ft. or 24 ft. And to talk about their pricing, the price for the truck is included in the price of the trailer as well. So for a 16 ft. moving truck, the price will be $29.99 daily.

If you want to take a car carrier service, the price will be around $45/day and $55/day accordingly.

Trailers offered by Budget

#Trailer NameFeatures
1Car Trailer4,055lbs maximum weight
Best for a four-wheel vehicle
Maximum width: 6’ 7”
2Two Dolly3330lbs maximum weight carry the ability
Capable of hauling front-wheel-drive vehicles
Capable of hauling front-wheel-drive vehicles


With quality customer service, full transparency, and maximum accountability, Penske is the moving trailer rental service provider that is dominating the market. Penske, in general, provides a variety of truck size that allows their targeted clients to rent a suitable trailer. But the charge varies depending on the size of the vehicle you are choosing.

To describe their limitations, Penske offers car trailers. Unfortunately, other trailer types are not included. Hence, you may face some issues while taking their moving trailer rental service.

Penske has an affordable price range as the most qualified moving trailer rental service provider in terms of cost. The base price for a 16 ft. moving truck rental starts from $399 for a local move. And if you are looking forward to renting a car tow dolly, you will be looking at $99, and for carrier service, the charge will increase to $109.

Trailers offered by Penske

#Trailer NameFeatures
1Car Trailers4,050lbs maximum weight
Best for four-wheel and front-wheel vehicle
Maximum width: 6’ 7”
2Two Dolly4300lbs maximum weight carry the ability
Capable of hauling front-wheel-drive vehicles

Wrapping Up

trailers of moving companies

While relocating with the trailer movers, you also need to be careful and stay cautioned because if you don’t place your belongings accurately or perfectly, you may face some consequence. It applies when you are traveling to a long distance using the trailer hauling service. Other than this, you will save a significant amount of money with trailer movers. The main thing is to approach with all responsibility the choice of the right company that suits you in these parameters. Go for the one that meets your expectation the most. Happy moving!