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The moving process is a big stress for everyone. You need to plan everything beforehand, find the best route, make sure that your items are packed well. But what if we tell you that there is another easier way? For example, you can choose the moving company that will make everything for you. But how can you find the best variant for your specific movement? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to Choose a Reliable Moving Company?

Still hesitate in choosing the moving company? It seems difficult for the first time. But here we will give you some tips for organizing your moving process and finding a trustworthy company for your needs. After reading this article everything will seem clear and easy.

Steps for Choosing a Mover

To determine what kind of company to use for your relocation you should consider several factors:

  1. First factor is the type of your move. If you are travelling long distance, and your move involves complicated details it is better to choose a nationwide company, because it is better for doing a long-distance move and provides other different services, for example, storage.
  2. Second factor is your budget. It is widely considered that small local companies charge less. But it is because they use a different estimate: they charge hourly. Big companies, in contrast, charge according to the weight of your belongings.
  3. Third factor is whether you need insurance or not. Big companies are governed by a national safety administration, so if you travel long distances and have a risk that your goods will be damaged or lost, it is best to stick with the big company. Local companies however travel short distances and have a smaller chance of putting your belongings at risk, therefore they do not need insurance.

You should also consider the factor of customer service. If you need a personalized service, you should know how to choose a moving company, because bigger companies have more clients to deal with and cannot give you enough attention.

The Benefits of Using a Local Moving Company

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We always want to save money if it is possible. But sometimes little spendings can save your time and nerves. Moving is one of the cases when it is better to trust professionals and let them make the job for you. Also you will avoid injuries and traumas during the moving process. The specialist will plan everything for you and choose the best way for your transportation especially if you move for a long distance.

Top 5 Local Moving Companies of the USA

Before considering how to choose a mover here is the list of the top local companies:

1. Moving APT. The company is famous for its residential and commercial interstate movements. It has only licensed and insured teams that you can trust. The Moving APT will help you with any size moves.

2. Northern Moving Systems. If you need a company that specializes in all kinds of moving then you will definitely note the Northern Moving Systems. The customer service will help you to find the best way for your moves. The company has agents all across the country.

3. Dedicated Van Lines. The company provides the highest level of attentiveness to its customers and has agent locations nationwide. The company has been rated Top Mover of 2020. Furthermore, it’s A+ and 5 Star Rated.

4. Pricing Van Lines is a moving broker that can provide you with high-qualified teams. The company promises the full services and satisfaction the clients desire. The online moving quotes will help you to calculate your transportation costs.

5. iMoving Online Moving Marketplace is a secure platform that will help you to handle different problems such as bad service, price increase etc. Moreover, the iMoving team uses special materials to wrap your items for their protection.

Helping Your Local Community

By hiring local movers you support your local community. It can be important for developing the local economy. Also you will promote national brands and show that your local companies are not worse than moving companies from other countries. It seems simple but needs to be said.

Competitive Prices

The benefits of choosing a smaller local company are reliability and good prices. Small companies charge less than the bigger ones. But it doesn’t mean that they provide less qualitative services. Most of the companies have special free quotes that can help you to calculate your moving price individually, according to your needs and type of transportation.


Local companies provide more reliable services because they have a smaller range of clients and have smaller operating costs. They can give you more attention and time that you need. But it is important to check everything before ordering services. Don’t forget to visit the site of the moving company, look through the comments, ask important questions to managers. Only then you start planning your moving.

Issues Are Easier To Resolve

In case of any issues with moving, local companies will resolve them more quickly because they have fewer clients to work with. Local companies are the best for local moves because they provide a flexible, personal approach.

Here are the points that will help you how to choose the right moving company:

The Benefits of Using a Long Distance Moving Company

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The long distance moving company is one of the best options for those who plan to move to another country or state. The reason for choosing this type of company is their experience. A special equipment, high-qualified professionals and good specialists will ease the transportation process, saving your time. But how can you choose the best long distance moving company? We are here to assist you.

Top 5 Long Distance Moving Companies of the USA

  1. International Van Lines is considered to be #1 long distance moving company in the USA. It is the licensed carrier that can handle different transportations. It offers transport for international and domestic movements as well.
  2. American Van Lines will help you both with local and long distance movements. The company rates as one of the “America’s Best Customer Service” in the Moving Service category.
  3. Big Ben’s Moving Company can handle not only long distance moving but also provide the best storage solutions for different items. The professionalism and experience of teams guarantee safety of your transportation.
  4. United Van Lines. The moving company puts safety and client’s health first. It provides moves across Canada, the USA and internationally. The team of specialists will choose the best solutions for you individually.
  5. Allied Van Lines moving company has made about 750.000 total moves in the last 15 years. Furthermore, it has 88 years of experience. It provides a high-level communication with clients and safe long distance transportation.

Broader Capabilities

It has big experience, operating for many years and provides many services. Nationwide companies offer a more extensive range of services including storage, providing moving supplies, shipment of cars, online tracking and much more.

Better Efficiency

They perform their functions efficiently. Big companies have a lot of clients to work with, that is why they are more accustomed to work faster, more efficiently. Such moving companies feel a great responsibility for their clients. Moreover, there is a big competitiveness between big moving teams. Each of them wants to show its honesty and liability.

Easy Access at both ends

It is easy to perform moving because of the efficiency it requires. Nationwide companies are easily accessible and available. You can find them in different cities or countries and choose the closest location. So always check the information about the company before making a decision.

Professionals at Every Level

It hires more professional and reliable agents. Their staff is well-trained, professional and experienced. It makes your relocation more reliable. The team of specialists will always help you in every situation as they already know all the possible problems and their solutions.

More Services and Resources

It has numerous other functions than those that local companies offer. Many nationwide companies offer such services as storage, moving of fragile belongings, car shipment and many others. Good packaging services will also save your items from damaging.

When Should I Choose a National Moving Company?

Choose a National Moving Company

Nationwide companies are more well-equipped to perform cross-country moves: they have more reliable vehicles and drivers and follow international standards.

Big companies have more solid reputations. They do business internationally, therefore, when you are hiring such a company it is safer and more reliable.