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When you are deciding a move, and you need a change of pace and scenery, you may have considered an out of state move. However, you are left with the decision of which state is best to make your new residence. You need to know all the facts about each state you are considering, and that includes knowing if it is a safe state or not. You want to know which state you can move to that will ensure a higher chance of safety from natural disasters, crime, harsh climates, and the cost of living. So, below, we have provided you with information on the best states to move to based on these factors.

What is the Safest State to Live in?

For starters, you probably want a quick answer to the safest state in America. You can never be too careful about picking the next area you want to live, so having this information may come in handy. If you are basing your information on crime rate and property crime rate, then Maine is the safest state to live in. It has had low numbers on both crime rate and property crime rate for over a decade, and no one expects that to change. It is a state full of friendly people and awesome communities.

However, if you are more concerned about climate and natural disasters, then the best state to live in is Montana. With rocky mountains and vast plains, the state sees very few natural disasters. In the past century, there have only been 5 significant floods, and flooding is the only occasional disaster that occurs.

More About Which State in the United States is the Safest From Natural Disasters

As stated before, Montana holds the torch for the safest state from natural disasters. There have been some disasters, such as flooding and earthquakes, but they are on rare occasions. This is a state that has a good amount of protection from hurricanes and tornados.

Which City is the Safest from Natural Disasters?

If you want to focus on a city that is the safest from natural disasters, you won’t find it in Montana. Instead, you will have to travel to New York to find it. Syracuse, N.Y, is considered the safest city in America because it is in a pocket of the state that doesn’t see any hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, or flooding. Not a bad town to consider if you just want protection from the elements.

12 Of the Safest States

Without too much ado, we will be providing you a shortlist of the safest states in America to live. They are in no particular order, as they are the safest based on crime rate and/or natural disasters.

  1. Maine
  2. Vermont
  3. New Hampshire
  4. New Jersey
  5. Idaho
  6. Virginia
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Connecticut
  9. Wyoming
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. New York

#1 Benefit Of Maine

Aside from being safe as far as the crime rate, and possibly one of the leading factors to the low rate, is the population. There is a low population density that really works for people who enjoy their privacy and space. If you are overcrowded states and cities, then the top benefit of living in Maine is ideal for you.

#2 Benefit of Montana

When you decide to move to Montana, the beautiful terrain and scenery isn’t the best thing about it. In fact, the cost of living is. Compare to most of the other states, Montana is super affordable with their cost of living. They don’t even have sales tax in Montana, making it an affordable place to live all around. There is a more expensive percentage of grocery prices, but the healthcare costs and transportation costs are much cheaper than other states. The bottom line is, you will pay less money on many services in Montana than you would other states. This makes it very cost-efficient for someone who is looking to buy a house and start a life in this beautiful state.

How To Move to Another State

The process of moving to another state is complicated for those who haven’t planned properly. So we have provided a checklist of steps to consider when moving to another state:

  • Decide on What You Are Taking to Plan Your Moving Process
  • Make sure you plan for partial-year state taxes
  • Research and Get Quotes from many movers, van lines, truck rentals, and shipping companies.
  • Ensure your belongings
  • Secure your valuables
  • Most Importantly, Update your Information to your new address and state

Top 5 of the Best Cities in the U.S to Live in 2020

It isn’t just the state you need to consider, the city/town you live in will be just as important. You need to know which ones are the safest and best to live in.

  1. Austin, Texas- This is the capital of Texas, and it is constantly gaining new residents who are in search of quality music, outdoor activities, and cultural institutions.
  2. Denver, Colorado- Though it sits at the base of a scenic mountain, it is still only an hour away from snowboarding and skiing fun. This is another safe and relaxing city in America.
  3. Colorado Springs, Colorado- The job influence of Colorado Springs’ economy and culture is mostly military. This is a safe, friendly, and conveniently located city to live happily.
  4. Fayetteville, Arkansas- This is a quickly growing city that went from a small town to a center of greater education. It is also rich with culture, commerce, and entrepreneurialism.
  5. Des Moines, Iowa- With a great quality of life, and unique sites and shops, the younger generation is making this their new home based on the attractions and stores available.