If you are planning a move for your corporation, you are probably in the market for a company that can assist in the relocation. There are many companies out there, but you need to be cautious with who you go with. There are several uninsured, unlicensed, and untrustworthy companies that will not deliver the services you need. So below, we will discuss several of the best corporate relocation companies, both local and international. Also, we will offer additional information on what these companies are and what they do.

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Top 10 Best Corporate Relocation Companies

When relocating your corporation from one state to the next, or even a town over, you only want the best. You want to know that you are in good hands. The relocation of your corporation is important, so make sure you are using one of these top 10 best corporate relocation companies:

  1. Colonial Van Lines
  2. American Van Lines
  3. Bold Moving and Storage
  4. Move Quick
  5. Atlas Van Lines
  6. Unites Van Lines
  7. Radius Moving and Storage
  8. Aires
  9. Alexander’s Mobility Services
  10. ARC

Local Relocation Companies

Top 5 Best Local Relocation Companies

When it comes to relocation locally, you want a trusted company with a good reputation. You don’t want to risk any aspect of your corporation becoming lost, damaged, or out of order. That is why you should rely on only the best local relocation companies. Such as:

  1. International Van Lines
  2. American Van Lines
  3. Allied Van Lines
  4. North American Van Lines
  5. PODS

International Relocation Companies

Top 3 Best International Relocation Companies

Moving internationally can be a hassle. You can’t just pack up and fly everything to your new location with ease; in fact, DIY corporate location is almost unheard of. However, there is hope with these top 3 best international relocation companies:

  1. BGRS
  2. AltAir Global Relocation
  3. Xonex

What Is A Corporate Relocation Company?

What Is A Corporate Relocation Company?

Just knowing which corporate relocation company is best isn’t enough. In fact, just picking one without knowing what they can fully offer is not very bright. So what are corporate relocation companies? Put simply, corporate relocation programs offer resources and tools to companies/employees in order to provide a smooth relocation process. Mainly accounts for ongoing services for employee support, supplier management, relocation benefits, candidate selection, and expense management.

Often hired by businesses that are planning to move employees from one location to another, corporate relocation companies often can often offer multiple specialized services.

The reason why relocation services are needed could be because a business location is closing, and there is another one opening. But the main reason is actually to ensure that the employee transition is smooth when moving to a new job location. This is normally a large distance away from their previous homes.

What Can Corporate Relocation Companies Offer?

As stated before, a corporate relocation company will often offer different specialized services. These services could include the handling of the existing location’s sale, the purchase of the new location, and moving to the new facilities. Though they act in ways familiar to a real estate company with aspects of a moving company, they provide other supporting services as well. Such as:

  • Expense Management
  • Candidate Selection
  • Relocation Benefits
  • Supplier Management
  • Employee Support

What Do Corporate Relocation Companies Cost?

There are varying costs that are associated with the use of a corporate relocation company. Most companies don’t just handle the relocation of corporations; they also handle the relocation of employees that are chosen to be kept on following the transition.

There are companies that offer comprehensive packages, considered to be very modest, that includes the sale of your employee’s homes by the company. While there is no set cost for corporate relocation, there are some average prices that accompany moving employees from one home to the next. Homeowner relocation can be more expensive than $90,000. However, there are circumstances where the relocation of employees will be cheaper, depending on important factors.

Is Using a Corporate Relocation Company Worth it?

Is it worth it, using a relocation company for your corporation? That is dependent on how many employees you are moving, and the distance that the move is enduring. Sure, for larger and more expansive moves, a corporate relocation service is recommended. Even most local moves require the assistance of a relocation company. If you are on a budget, you can usually find a company that is willing to work with you on services, offering packages and discounts.

However, it isn’t just a measure of money when you are trying to decide whether or not a corporate relocation company is worth it. It is about time and stress. You want the transition to be quick, so the business can resume as normal. You also don’t want to be stressed out during a process that can be very taxing for employers and employees alike. So, when you ask whether or not using a corporate relocation company is worth it, you need to look at the stress and time that is needed for the relocation. You will find that most companies for corporate relocation can save employers a lot of money.

How We Determine The Best Corporate Relocation Companies

The process of finding the best corporate relocation company isn’t one that is as simple as Google searching for results. In fact, hours upon hours were put into reading reviews by employers and employees that have had experiences with the companies that are being moved. With standards set high, the process of picking the best corporate relocation companies isn’t an easy one. There are criteria that make a company one of the best: Cost, Reputation, Efficiency, Reviews, and the company’s plan of action.